Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Fight Results: Paul Easy Work Win



Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Fight Results: Paul Easy Work Win

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis is complete.
The co-feature on “The Prime Card” from AO Arena in Manchester, England Saturday was basically main event 1B as Logan Paul and Dillon Danis squared off in a scheduled 6 round catchweight of 195 prior to KSI-Tommy Fury, on a Misfits/DAZN production.

Paul dominated the fight, and he looked like the boxer by comparison.

Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis on Oct 14, 2023

Dillon Davis maybe made a fool of himself…but got paid well for it

Paul used his range in the fight and landed 82 punches to Danis’ 9 through 4 rounds.

He had the size advantage, but he didn’t really need it.

Other than a couple very wide hooks Danis landed, Logan was in charge of bringing the offense in this fight.

Things resembled a circus, or pro wrestling, as Danis’ antics played into the fight as many expected they would in Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Foolishness

He attempted to pull guard in the 2nd round, a move utilized in sports like MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but illegal in boxing.

Then, later in the fight, Danis wrapped his arm around Paul’s neck and held onto a guillotine choke after the bell.

Logan Paul triumphant after beating Dillon Danis

Danis got heckled hard on social for talking a big game but bringing weak stuff to the ring

After the most egregious moments, and after it was obvious Logan was well in control, Danis tried once more to pull guard, this time with a takedown attempt, he hit the canvas and Logan took a swing.

That prompted Danis to lose control and an all-out brawl took place in the sixth and final round.

Danis swung at one of the security guards and the fight was called a DQ in Logan’s favor, although the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight was well in hand.

It is hard to believe that Danis will get another shot at any serious fights.

Logan used his post fight interview to call out Rey Mysterio Jr, signaling his intent to return to the WWE, possibly in a more full-time role if rumors are to be believed.

Dillon Danis tried not to get beat up

Danis is a guy you love to hate

Other than trash talking, which Danis did plenty of during the fight, even yelling that he would beat Logan in a Jiu Jitsu match, there just was nothing to offer from him as a boxer.

CompuBox numbers for Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis



After weeks of trash talk, he failed to back any of it up during Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis.

Logan, for his part, was able to secure the victory, both in the ring and the moral one of defending his fiancé’s honor.

As for Danis, it brought to mind the words of Keelin, during fight week:

I'm usually not lost for words when making a prediction, but I am here.

I truly, truly have no earthly idea how Dillon Danis believes he can win this fight. Not only has he never boxed before, which is kind of a big deal when you're preparing for a BOXING match, but he doesn't even have a coach!

Honestly, I have never seen a situation like this in all of my life as a combat sports fan/writer.

I truly do not see how Dillon Danis wins this Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight.

The only kind of guess I can make at this is that Conor McGregor (Dillon's long-time training partner) has somehow equipped him with a competent enough skillset/arsenal through training with him for so long, but Dillon has mostly been Conor's crash test dummy, not a striking equal.