Journalistic Sign of the Apocalypse: AI Says Ryan Garcia Likely Decisions Gervonta Davis



Journalistic Sign of the Apocalypse: AI Says Ryan Garcia Likely Decisions Gervonta Davis

Uh oh. If you are a person who is fearful that robots are taking all the jobs, here is proof that you are not paranoid, you're probably right. I received a “press release” from “Sporting Post” which contains the prediction that Ryan Garcia will beat Gervonta Davis by decision on Saturday, April 22.

And the “author” of the prediction comes courtesy of AI ChatGPT, a so-called “superbot.” Now, a human had to help the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application, feeding pertinent queries to the helper, so it's not like the Bot took over the whole operation, and rendered humans completely irrelevant.

A Wikipedia entry snippet on ChatGPT

A Wikipedia entry snippet on ChatGPT. The Wiki definition for Artificial intelligence (AI): perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information—demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by non-human animals and humans.

This is strange territory, I'm covering the slow motion fade to black of the vocation I've been in since 1999.

I have to suspect that “efficiency experts” will seek to sub in “work” performed by AI rather than use material from a human, who seeks compensation for their effort, so you can expect, I think, to see this trend increase.

Here is copy from the release:

Ryan Garcia will beat Gervonta Davis in their explosive grudge match on Saturday, in what would be a huge upset, according to AI research via Sporting Post.

Gervonta Davis counts down to his super fight with Ryan Garcia, on April 22, 2023

Gervonta Davis isn't likely losing sleep over the AI call that Ryan Garcia is likely to defeat the Baltimore boxer by decision

The lightweight rivals meet in Las Vegas with world title ambitions and pride on the line, with AI superbot ChatGPT has predicted Garcia’s ‘speed, mobility, and reach’ will negate the power of Davis.

AI did admit Davis’ strongest chance of victory would be via stoppage in the championship rounds, but backed the younger fighter to triumph over a 12-round war.

Sporting Post fed variables such as form, tactics, strategy, strengths and weaknesses of both fighters into AI ChatGPT to return as accurate a prediction as possible.

Davis is a 4/11 to win in Sin City, with Ryan Garcia placed at 21/10 and a decision victory for the 24-year-old from California is priced up at 15/2, with a ‘Tank’ stoppage priced at 8/13.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia, according to AI ChatGPT

Chat GPT revealed: “Based on the stats and recent performances, the fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia promises to be an explosive encounter.

“Davis will look to use his power and precision to end the fight early, while Garcia will be eager to establish his own power and set the pace of the fight. The height and reach advantage of Garcia may also come into play as he looks to keep Davis at bay and avoid getting hit by his powerful left hand.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia argue who will win on April 22, 2023

AI thinks Ryan Garcia has the edge over Gervonta Davis going into their April 22, 2023 mini mega fight. Photo: Esther Lin, Showtime Boxing

“The early rounds of the fight could be critical as both fighters will be looking to establish themselves and land early shots. If Garcia can successfully use his reach advantage and keep Davis at bay, he may be able to control the early rounds and set the tone for the rest of the fight. However, if Davis can find a way inside and land his powerful shots, he could end the fight early.

“As the fight progresses, Davis may try to wear down Ryan Garcia with his power and experience, while Garcia will likely continue to look for openings and opportunities to land his own punches. If the fight goes the distance, the judges may have a tough time scoring it as both fighters are known for their knockout power and ability to end fights early.

“Garcia's speed, mobility, and reach give him the advantage in terms of outboxing Davis and winning on points, while Davis' power and ability to bait his opponents and land big shots give him the potential for a knockout victory.

“If Ryan Garcia is able to use his movement and range effectively, he may be able to frustrate Davis and avoid getting drawn into a brawl. However, if Davis is able to get on the inside and land his power shots, he could potentially end the fight early.

Gervonta Davis looks relaxed as he counts down to his April 22 fight versus Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis has power that could end the night for Ryan Garcia, says ChatGPT. Photo: Esther Lin, Showtime Boxing

“Overall, it's difficult to make a precise prediction for how the fight will end without knowing more about both fighters' current form and training leading up to the fight. However, based on the information provided, it seems that the fight could potentially go either way, with a decision victory for Garcia being the most likely outcome if he is able to use his skills to outbox Davis.

“Therefore, if Davis were to win, it would most likely be by knockout, given his track record as a power puncher. However, predicting the exact round in which a knockout will occur is difficult as it depends on various factors such as the fighters' game plans, conditioning, and the flow of the fight.

“Based on Davis' previous fights, he has shown that he can be patient and wait for his opponents to make mistakes before unleashing his power punches. He also tends to get stronger as the fight goes on, so if he can weather Garcia's early attacks, he may be able to land a knockout blow in the championship rounds.”

AI Prediction: Ryan Garcia win by Decision

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