John Fury vs Mike Tyson: Would You Like To See It?



John Fury vs Mike Tyson: Would You Like To See It?

John Fury vs Mike Tyson, would you like to see it? John Fury does like that spotlight, doesn’t he?

The papa to Tyson Fury reminded folks taking in the final presser ahead of the Fury vs Ngannou showdown in Riyadh, on Saturday that it’s partially because of him we enjoy the talents of Tyson.

He took the opportunity to toot his own horn, and also playfully jab at The Baddest Man of All Time, Mike Tyson, who is in town helping Ngannou.

Tyson Fury Is Named After Mike Tyson

John Fury named his kid to honor Mike Tyson, so it’s clear he has or had esteem for the Brownsville born hitter. “Even me, I’m honored and proud to be alive and be in this great place of Saudi and sat with the great people…

Give me special mention, the man who bred him? Any man alive wanna fight John Fury, I’m here ready to go,” Papa John ranted. “Mike Tyson, whaddya got to say to that, brother?”

Tyson answered, and said he is looking forward to seeing the main event, it’s possible Ngannou can do some damage. He saw Francis hurt a white guy in sparring, so he’s optimistic, he said, as the possibility of John Fury vs Mike Tyson continued.

“Let me tell you, my brother,” said John Fury, sounding like a wrasslin' manager, “the world is gonna see what’s gonna happen to your man. Your man will get his head boxed off and stopped, don’t you worry bout that.

And, if I’m wrong, me and you will fight straight after. Me and you will fight!”

Tyson howled in laughter as the John Fury vs Mike Tyson promo continued.

John kept on with the promo. “Ngannou couldn’t beat me, Mike, and I’m useless,” he stated.

John Fury vs Mike Tyson next?

John Fury has shown off his physique to the masses. It's clear he wishes he were 40 years younger, can't blame him.

John Fury vs Mike Tyson Promo Cut

John Fury commanded Ngannou to take his sunglasses off, and the underdog didn’t comply.

Bob Arum looked and listened and laughed.

Tyson said when he saw Ngannou hit someone, a big strong guy. “I never seen anything like that,” he said, because a shot to a chin forced a sparring foe’s leg to break. Crazy power, he’s saying.

More jawing occurred. John Fury jawed at Ngannou, who said he’d whup the kid and then the pop. “I’m not a coward,” John said, offering to fight one and all.

Dewey Cooper the trainer had enough and told John to stifle. He would not end his John Fury vs Mike Tyson rant.

John clearly at times wishes he were in his son’s position. He is living his dreams through his son’s exploits and it likely hurts him a bit to see someone other than himself gaining that spotlight.

Tyson dug it while John Fury yelled, “My son cannot be beat.” He does a great job putting up with his dad’s hijinks, and how he likes to snag spotlight for himself.

Security blocked off John as he tried to get to Tyson, though it looked like it was joke-y.

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