KSI vs Fury Weigh In: John Fury Keeps Clothed



KSI vs Fury Weigh In: John Fury Keeps Clothed

KSI vs Fury weigh in happened Friday, and Michael Buffer, the velvet tongued emcee presided over the announcement of weights for combatants KSI and Tommy Fury on a MF & DAZN X Series event to unfold on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023.

Fury, the UK hitter who came out a bit from the shadow of his big half bro Tyson Fury with his win over Jake Paul, came out first.

His fight is scheduled for six three-minute rounds in the cruiserweight division, Buffer told us at the KSI vs Fury weigh in.

KSI vs Fury Weigh In: Tommy On Target

Fury was to be 183 pounds max; he is part of a double feature card from the AO Manchester Arena.

Michael Buffer at KSI vs Fury Weigh In

Buffer attempted to lend an air of dignity to the proceedings. He's checking out the separation cage in Manchester, here.

With a 9-0 (3 KOs) record, Fury took to the scale in Manchester, England. Looking body beautiful, like he should be in the Kardashian sphere, the boxer was 182.6.

We heard some Oasis drifting in while “The Nightmare” 6-0-1 (4 KOs) from London went to the scale.

Next Up At KSI vs Fury Weigh In, The Man, KSI

“He is KSIIIIIIIIII,” Buffer told us at the KSI vs Fury weigh in.

His weight: 181.3.

Instargram post shows in shape KSI

Kid is in over his head versus more experienced practitioner, no?

Regarding “weight:” I watched the scene on KSI's YouTube channel, which boasts 16.3M subscribers. Chew on that…

We've covered him for awhile. Here is a report on his win over Joe Fournier.

Trash Talk In Effect

“You're shitting yourself,” Fury barked at KSI, who denied it, between a hard plastic partition. They had that up on the stage, to prevent pre-fight mayhem messing up the deal.

“24 hours,” Tommy kept yapping. Yes, he's out of his shell, he wasn't so adept at the chatter a few years ago.

Nowhere to be seen at the KSI vs Fury weigh in was John Fury, who distinguished himself with his fervor, or something, during a Thursday press conference.

Fury spoke to Ariel Helwani after the scale and promised “Another one bites the dust.” He seemed emotional, maybe, talking about fighting in his hometown.

KSI at the KSI vs Fury weigh in then spoke to Helwani, who plays it straight the whole way, and asked why he heard boos for Fury, in his hometown.

The Prime Card in Manchester, England

Fury and Paul should prevail, yes?

KSI Is Like A Pro Wrestler

He basically cut a promo, and said he's been the underdog before. He stated that “no one effin knows” what his team knows, that his skills are such, that he's able to defeat Fury.

If you are curious as to what sort of attention this “crossover” boxing gets in the mainstream press, but of course the ceremony got touched on. Coverage of the KSI vs Fury weigh in from the Daily Mail:

The former Love Island star is being backed as the favourite for his highly-anticipated fight against the YouTuber at the Manchester Arena.

The odds swung heavily in his favour after Tyson Fury's younger brother took to social media to reveal his body transformation.

The 24-year-old star shared a picture showing how his body has changed over the last couple of months.

He compared a picture of himself from nine weeks ago standing in a pair of swimming trunks by the water alongside one of him recently inside a gym.

Interesting; their pic shows a crazy before and after, which would leave cynics curious what if any exotic chemicals were used to aid the transformation.

Tommy Fury before and after

The Mirror also weighed in, they focused on the money Fury saved by making the weight. 20% would have come out of his purse, apparently:

Tommy Fury has made weight for his fight with KSI, despite his dad John taking issue with the scales.

The professional boxer was requested to weigh in at 183lb for the bout with KSI, who jumped back up in weight for the fight after previously dropping as low as 180lb to face Joe Fournier.

But fans were concerned when footage from the weigh-ins, which were held behind closed doors, showed Fury Sr venting his frustrations.

John Fury Wasn't Naked and Yelling

Old man Fury was furious, as he often is, yelling about weigh in matters.
But he was a gent compared to his Thursday outburst, which did the job in the hyping department, even if the principal takes on social media abuse for his unruly behavior.

END NOTE FROM OUR ERIK SLOAN: This is a catchweight bout with no rehydration clause, meaning that either fighter can put on whatever weight they want from now until the time of the fight.

With both KSI and Fury coming in a bit below the weight limit of 183lbs, things should be smooth sailing until fight time.

Fingers crossed, anyway.




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