Jermall Charlo Says He’d Take Care Of David Benavidez AND Demetrius Andrade Within Six Rounds



Jermall Charlo Says He’d Take Care Of David Benavidez AND Demetrius Andrade Within Six Rounds

Jermall Charlo, who holds the WBC middleweight title, went on the Brian Custer podcast and the host sought to shed some light on when he will return to the ring.

“Soon,” the 31-0 fighter said, and he stated he didn't want to give much in the way of hints as to who he might battle.

The Texas twin said he's not concerned that at 30, that time is passing, and “legacy” fights are passing him by. Custer mentioned Demetrius Andrade and Gennadiy Golovkin, and that political issues do place impediments on plenty of fights getting made. Those sorts of fights will come, Jermall told the host.

The fighter did take aim at super middleweight David Benavidez, who got a stoppage win over Ronald Ellis on March 13. Jermall wasn't at all impressed, and told Custer so.

Jermall Charlo said he'd beat down Demetrius Andrade and David Benavidez if they fought.

Custer played a bit from Benavidez when he came on the Custer show. “Tell him to grow up, you talkin' to a man homie, I been doin' this,” Jermall replied. “Ain't no way in Benavidez can touch me.” He said he wanted to remain cool, and professional, so he tried to be thoughtful with his words. “Don't let this boxing shit fool you, I'm ready tomorrow.” He said Benavidez doesn't watch his nutrition, and doesn't train the right way. He continued, telling Custer that a ‘C level fighter' in Ellis hit Benavidez copiously.

Jermall Charlo would rather fight Andrade before Benavidez, he said, insinuating that Benavidez just isn't that talented or compelling. But, he then switched gears, and said he'd like the fight. “Yeah, let's make that fight happen. I'ma knock his little punk ass out. I promise that, I put that on everything I love. I give him about four rounds, five rounds, I knock him out above five rounds, six rounds, no more. He gets hit too much. I'm powerful, I'll explode on him, trust me. I do my thing, I've been doing this all my life..Bro, bro, I'm a lion bro, let's get it…Brian you been watching me fight for a long time, and I've been knocking shit out for a minute. I'm the best in the world, trust me. That whole middleweight division is sewed up, I could take over that whole map!”

And Canelo is a beast at around 160, might Jermall be able to get a crack at that? Canelo has said he'd be up to fight Jermall Charlo or Caleb Plant. But Jermall isn't sure that Canelo really wants any smoke from him. “I have not got a call from their camp,” he said. “I'm here to fight the best,” he stated. He said he's a little over chasing Canelo, and wants to concentrate on building his legacy.

“Where the fuck is GGG,” the brother of Jermell said. “If I can't get Canelo, at least I can get GGG, right?” He said he thought that beating Sergey Derevyanchenko would lead him to a Canelo fight, and that didn't come through.

Benavidez isn't at the right level, doesn't bring big money, “Big” Charlo said. He again referred him as a kid, and declared that he's scared of nobody. All in all, he sounded dismissive about him doing any ducking of Benavidez.

And regarding Demetrius Andrade…Jermall Charlo said that Boo Boo has seen his power, when Mall beat J-Rock.

“He's scared as shit,” he said. Boo Boo did want to fight Jermell, Jermall said, but then pulled the rug out on it. “Nobody knows him,” Jermall continued. “I would blow his fuckin' mind with these straight right hands, I promise you he can't even last five, six rounds. That pressure is different out here!”

Custer read a quote from Eddie Hearn, talking about how they've offered $7 million to Jermall to fight Boo Boo. The boxer then said he already makes that, and insinuated that it would take more than that for a unification versus Andrade.

“I'm here to fight the best in the world, that's all it's about,” he said. “They're gonna go down as some suckers if they don't fight me.”

OK, so how much longer does he fight at 160? “I want to unify like my brother did. At 160, at least let me unify, let me capture the division, there’s somebody when can unify, we can fight. It don’t matter who got the belt…. Maybe about two or three more fights.” But, he could stay there, and the guys like Jarrett Hurd will come up, and he could be like Bernard Hopkins, reigning for a long spell.

Custer went direct at him, asking him to name his top 3 fights he wants, right now. GGG, he brought up, and then Danny Jacobs. “I'm ready for Andrade, let's get this shit out of the way, I'm READY,” Jermall Charlo said. He'd fight Benavidez, at 168, but “it's gotta make sense.”

Custer read off a quote from Caleb Plant. “Caleb Plant don't want no smoke from me…I put that boy right back in Tennessee,” he asserted. “He's too small for 168 anyway!”

He defended himself from people who say he avoids fights. He answered that he doesn't make the fights. He was then asked about a fight with Canelo. He told the host that Golden Boy didn't actually send out an offer to fight Canelo, and that it's unwise to believe media too readily.

Jermall Charlo came back to Canelo, and he said he senses a large appetite from fans to see Canelo vs Jermall.

I'd very much like to see that. What about you guys–if you could book Canelo against anyone, would Canelo vs. Jermall be at the top of the list?

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