Jake Paul Versus Tommy Fury Press Conference: Jake Wants Double Or Nothing



Jake Paul Versus Tommy Fury Press Conference: Jake Wants Double Or Nothing


We are three days away from the big one, Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury, in Saudi Arabia. On Thursday, the principals gathered for a presser to hype the scrap.

Jake showed his confidence level by offering to make the fight double or nothing, and Tommy didn’t seem eager to make that arrangement, while his father/trainer John eagerly accepted the new terms.

There was lively banter, and no premature scrapping, for the record.

A WBC strap will be up for grabs on Sunday, it will go to the winner of the Jake Paul v Tommy Fury scrap

Highlights From The Press Conference in Saudi Arabia

–Jake Paul shouted out legends in the building, including Mike Tyson. Paul said that his team has scouted Tommy, terming him “a good boxer, not a great boxer, his lack of defense and his lack of head movement’s gonna be exposed on Sunday.”

–Paul said that he’s trained harder than every foe he’s faced, and that’s the same for this one. “This is what I do now,” he said, –noting that fighting Anderson Silva is much harder in comparison to Tommy.

–Jake asked Tommy directly, does he think it will be an easy fighter. “You’re getting to sleep within four rounds,” he promised. “You should have stuck making easy money fighting old men.”

Jake Paul Will Give Tommy Double Pay If He Loses

–Jake suggested a deal—“if you win I will pay you double” and if I win, he would take the entire pot. Tommy thought about it, and John Fury said, “All or nothing, you got a deal, you got it,” while Tommy thought more. “Can we have this in writing as well,” John said, and Jake said his lawyer had that contract drawn up. Jake said that dad is more confident than him, and Tommy said Jake cowered when he feinted. So yeah, Tommy didn't want that terms switch…

JAKE PAUL at the Feb. 23 press conference to hype his Feb. 26, 2023 bout in Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul did show some fight week edge, noting when one question he answered previously got repeated

“If Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury, Tommy doesn’t deserve paying,” John said.

–Anything that Jake has seen to scare him? Nah, he said, saying Tommy looks like “the Michelin Man,” with beefy upper body and no legs. “His opponents have a combined record of 30 wins and like 300 losses,” he said. “He’s never been 8 rounds, he’s gonna get into the deep waters and drown.”

Tyson Fury showed up, after Tommy said that, John Fury said Tyson will be proud Sunday because Tommy “is gonna give Jake a beating even Mike Tyson would be proud of.” Tyson Fury beamed widely.

Tyson Fury watched the press conference hyping the JAKE PAUL v Tommy Fury fight

Tyson Fury smiled wide when his pop said brother Tommy will smash Jake Paul in a manner befitting Mike Tyson

–Jake said that Mike Tyson could beat Tommy Fury right now, at age 56, and Tyson chuckled hard.

–Tommy got asked, straight up, has he dodged Jake Paul? “No, definitely not,” he declared. He wants to become a champion, he said, so why would he duck JP. He said no, he had a hurt rib before, and then the second time, he was not allowed to fly into the US (and that ban is still in effect, he said. “I’m gonna clinically knock this guy out, early,” he stated firmly.

–Tommy said that Jake has been fighting oldsters, Tyrone Woodley is 40, Silva closer to 50 than 40. “Silva is a great striker in MMA, not boxing,” he said, declaring that he is 23, and energized. “I’m not a 50 year old’re gonna wake up and realize what boxing is, it’s not to fight old men.”

–Tommy’s pop John told watchers that “there’s no way we’re gonna disgrace our great champion in Tyson Fury.” If you looked at Tommy while he said that, what was the look on Tommy’s face? Was he thinking that no, he is worried about how he’ll fare against the You Tube warrior. Hard to say, we will have to tune in Sunday. Pop said that the plan is to “knock Jake Paul out.” He even called Jake “a nice kid,” and thanked him for the opportunity. Yes, John has mellowed, or mellowed for now, after getting a talking to, or two, or more…”I’ve got children older than him, I mean him no animosity at all,” he said, referring to some of his showier antics, including taking off his shirt to flex his old man OG bod.

–MVP boss Nakisa Bidarian got the mic, and he noted that it took two years to get this fight made, and “we couldn’t pull it off in the US,” giving props to Saudi Arabia for having the people to pull off #PaulFury. Bidarian continued, listing famous fighters and sharing the lower level of competition they met as they worked their way up the ladder.

Dereck Chisora, who is helping promote, predicted that a winner will come later, when they are tired…but he didn’t tab Jake as the favorite. “It will be an explosive fight, I know the Problem Child is gonna bring it,” Chisora stated. “John Fury has trained Tommy to destruct him,” he declared, and John Fury hopped in to back him up, he promised Tommy will be hurling power from the get go.

Summary: Looked to me like Jake Paul is the more confident of the two boxers. Tommy not agreeing to the double or nothing terms did what Jake intended, make him look like he's doubting himself


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