Gervonta Davis Jailed



Gervonta Davis Jailed

Gervonta Davis was taken into custody on Thursday and booked at Baltimore Central Booking after the results of a 5 pm hearing described as “impromptu.”

Davis was serving a sentence of 90 days house arrest as the result of a plea deal that he took for the November 2020 hit-and-run charge.

The plea deal included 200 hours of community service and three years probation. But details are still scarce following this latest update. Davis will now serve the remainder of his 90-day sentence, according to Davis’s lawyer, and confirmed by TMZ.

TMZ sports report on Gervonta Davis to prison

TMZ sports report on Gervonta Davis to prison—he will now do real time

There were expectations from fans and media alike that Davis would receive jail time after learning the severity of the reported traffic violations.

The judge in the case made it clear in the lead-up to sentencing that his expectation was jail time and the judge made it clear that the guilty plea did not guarantee of penalty at sentencing.

Davis was scheduled for trial before waving his right to accept a plea—a possible sign that he and his lawyers expected jail time if found guilty.

Gervonta Davis Struck Vehicle

Gervonta Davis beats Ryan Garcia in the seventh round of their April 22, 2023 clash. Photo: Ryan Hafey, Premier Boxing Champions Ryan Garcia moving up

Gervonta Davis handled Ryan Garcia. Now he'll have to handle a prison stint, part of a three month sentence. Photo: Ryan Hafey, Premier Boxing Champions

Davis was coming out of a nightclub in Baltimore before hopping into his Lamborghini accompanied by a police escort. Reports are that Davis veered away, ran a red light, and then struck a Toyota Solata, injuring four. One of the injured was a pregnant woman, Jyair Smith.

Tank Gets New Home, Then Plans Change

Davis had reportedly just purchased a new place in Baltimore where he had begun serving the house arrest sentence he received just weeks ago. But there are no confirmed reports on what specifically prompted the hearing and/or revoked house arrest.

There are several unconfirmed reports of a specific house violation that led to this hearing. But this is merely speculation for now, though you would be surprised how often the Hip-Hop gossip trades get it right.

Gervonta Davis At Career Peak

Floyd Mayweather Gervonta Davis prison

Floyd Mayweather did some time in lockup, and then got out and resumed his fighting career

Tank is coming off his most high-profile victory to date as well as his best PPV numbers by a significant margin after defeating Ryan Garcia this past April.

The Baltimore fighter was able to score a body shot on his opponent, delayed reaction included, and Ryan could not continue.

The stoppage victory was a callback to Bernard Hopkins’ own body shot stoppage win over Oscar De La Hoya, both of whom promote Ryan. Davis was able to secure the win with his sentencing date looming.

Now he will have to finish his 90-day sentence behind bars with just over two months left.