Fury vs Ngannou Odds: Tyson Fury Remains a Huge Favorite



Fury vs Ngannou Odds: Tyson Fury Remains a Huge Favorite

Tyson Fury being a favorite in a boxing match? Who saw that coming?

The Fury vs Ngannou odds are lopsided, and we can't be too upset about it. Boxing is the sweet science, but Ngannou is looking to break Tyson's beaker and defy the odds that are so against him. Francis is on the record for hitting as hard as a Ford Escort. I used to drive one of those, I'd recommend not getting hit by one.

However, it's Tyson Fury — betting against this guy is not and probably will never be smart. For those that like to take the risk and want that Hail Mary payday, Francis Ngannou winning would make some bank accounts happy. Not many, obviously, but the few that bet for him would make quite a bit of money.

Fury vs Ngannou Odds: Tyson Fury is a -1400 Favorite

Fury vs Ngannou Odds

Tyson Fury weighs in at 277 pounds, Francis Ngannou at 272 pounds for their contest Saturday. Photo: Mikey Williams, Top Rank Boxing via Getty Images

A -1400 favorite almost seems like a daunting task. Francis has pressure on him, obviously, but nowhere near what Fury has on his shoulder. Francis Ngannou shouldn't win — he's not a pure boxer, he's not got the finesse and he can't hold a candle to Fury's accolades in the sport. On paper, Fury wins this fight 9.9 times out of 10.

That's what makes combat sports so exciting. There's no such thing as a 21 point touchdown. Ngannou can be down and out, but he's not beaten until he can't move or until that final bell. Francis hits so hard and hey, maybe his lack of pure boxing skill may pose more problems for Fury.

  • Tyson Fury (-1400) vs Francis Ngannou (+750)
  • Fabio Wardley (-310) vs David Adeleye (+230)
  • Joseph Parker (-1200) vs Simon Kean (+600)
  • Martin Bakole (-750) vs Carlos Takam (+475)
  • Arslanbek Makhumodov (-4000) vs Anthony Wright (+1100)
  • Moses Itauma (-3000) vs Istvan Bernath (+1000)

It's a bit wild to see these odds; Ngannou beating Fury wouldn't even be the wildest underdog win on this card. Arslanbek Makhumodov, 17-0 with 16 knockouts is the biggest betting favorite on this card. But hey, if there was a night for upsets, Anthony Wright has the ability to set a trend for underdogs leaving with a raised hand.

Fury vs Ngannou Odds: How Will Who Get it Done?

Francis Ngannou winning a decision here is sitting at the +5000 line. That translates directly to “unlikely”. Francis scoring a knockout is a lot better looking, but it's still not to be expected per the numbers. +850 for Francis to stop Tyson Fury has some discouraged, but those that really believe in Francis should be happy that the odds are against him.

As for Tyson, things look as we'd expect. He's favored to stop Ngannou, that line is at -550. To win via decision, Fury and fans are looking at +600. So, for what it's worth, it's more like that Ngannou wins by stoppage than it is for fury to lean on the judges here. Take that as you will.

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