Floyd Mayweather Puts Out IG Post Aimed At Detractors–The Timing Is BAD!



Floyd Mayweather Puts Out IG Post Aimed At Detractors–The Timing Is BAD!

Floyd Mayweather was ring side to see Manny Pacquiao looking fine and fit at 40 in Vegas against Keith Thurman–and it seems as though that visit stuck in his craw.

Witness this IG post from today (Wednesday), in which he takes aim at anyone and everyone who, he maintains, attaches his name when speaking on Manny Pacquiao. I don't accept his points, to be frank…

The poor, poor pitiful Floyd woe is me tone is, by this time, and on this day (when we learned Maksim Dadashev died),  weak.

FLOYD–You had a great run, you are an all-time great…and people are still interested in seeing you fight, at age 42. That is a credit to your skill and personality. Why the whining, Floyd? And it isn't the skin tone that rankles people, or how much education you didn't get…It's the behavior.

I can't speak for everyone, I do know there are a lot of numbskulls in this nation, and yep, skin tone matters more to some than we'd like to admit. But it's the actions, not the packaging of the delivery agent, that rub many the wrong way.

This post comes off as being tone-deaf, at best, on this day. And on any day, really…

Whaddya want from everyone, man?

Not enough people giving you props for posting those pics of you and money stacks?

You don't get it…that era has passed. That gaudy show-off manner is a sign of insecurity, not strength, and many, many people are over it. Some won't admit it, because they fear clap-back, but I promise you…TONS of people think that stuff is past its prime for a guy turning 43 in February.

Maybe this is just you stirring the pot. If so, I fell for it. Again. You are good at this. And maybe THIS is the best way to go about your business in this strange age. I've said for many a moon, you are a master at the pot stirring, staying relevant….A MASTER.

But on this day, this post…This one fell flat, man.

RIP, Maxim Dadashev.

UPDATE: Pacquiao countered, with this right hook, delivered on social:

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