Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Results: It Happened



Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Results: It Happened

Floyd Mayweather made money and had some fun in London on Saturday, messing around with one Aaron Chalmers over eight rounds of non professional pugilism.

The organizers were too optimistic, invoking the O2, which didn't fill up all that much. One can argue that digital reach is more the point today, anyway, though, right?

That's Floyd's sixth boxing exhibition since compiling a 50-0 career record. Maybe you watched him do this back in September of last year?

Many thought he'd come back, just for the money of it, but no, he's doing his thing in this second act. Floyd Mayweather knocked out Deji Olatunji in his last for-fun fight, but this Chalmers (1-0 in pro boxing), a “reality star,” went the whole route.

Floyd started picking it up around the fifth, but the kid was stubborn, and didn't cave in.

Floyd Mayweather fought Aaron Chalmers in an exhibition on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023

Floyd Mayweather met Aaron Chalmers in a fun fracas in London

Floyd Mayweather made this something of a birthday celebration; he turned 46 on Feb. 23, and looked helluva fit, less than 160 pounds. Yes, he could still win the vast lion's share of fights against anyone/everyone in and around 154 pounds, I'd bet. But as long as he's making enough doing these. His 35 year old partner in this endeavor, Chalmers, said after it was a pleasure and honor he will tell the grand-kids about it.

The fight ran on the Zeus Network, for the record. It went for $29.99.


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