Figueroa vs Magdaleno Purse: The Heartbreaker Must Be Happy



Figueroa vs Magdaleno Purse: The Heartbreaker Must Be Happy

While the entire combat sports world knows that Canelo Alvarez will get paid a lot of boxing fighter pay this weekend, this Figueroa vs Magdaleno purse proves that Alvarez isn't the only one making bank on this card. 

The Figueroa vs Magdaleno prize money likely won't be even between the two fighters. But what's for sure is that both featherweight boxers will be compensated their fair share when they go toe to toe for the interim WBC featherweight title. 

We'll be discussing the Figueroa vs Magdaleno payouts, predicting how much both fighters will make. 

Figueroa vs Magdaleno Purse: Has The Heartbreaker Made This Much Before?

Brandon Figueroa Purse

Even though he is just 27 years old, Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa has done well for himself thus far in his career, in terms of boxing fighter pay. 

And the Figueroa vs Magdaleno prize money he will be earning as part of this Canelo Alvarez card will likely make for the biggest payout of his life. 

It has been reported that Figueroa earned $500,000 in boxing fighter pay for his victory over Mark Magsayo in March 2023. 

While this can be a good indicator for his Figueroa vs Magdaleno payout, the sheer magnitude of this weekend's card probably means that Figueroa will be making even more money than that on May 4. 

For that reason, we believe Brandon Figueroa will be making $650,000 in boxing fighter pay for taking part in the Alvarez vs Munguia card this weekend. 

Jessie Magdaleno Purse

Jessie Magdaleno is about to enter the biggest fight of his life. And while we don't know his official Figueroa vs Magdaleno purse, one positive is that Magdaleno doesn't have to deal with major controversy about his purse before the fight. 

In August 2020, Magdaleno did not agree to his portion of the purse after Top Rank won the bid for his title fight against Emanuel Navarrete for the vacant WBO featherweight title, with an offer of $250,000.

While Magdaleno was supposed to receive 40% of the purse bid, it was reported that he balked at that percentage after it fell below the $200,000 he was offered for the fight. 

Ultimately, Magdaleno never ended up fighting Navarrete as a result of this purse problem. In fact, Magdaleno didn't fight at all for nearly two years, between 2020-2022. 

Yet, Magdaleno is now back, and is set up for what should be the biggest payday of his professional career. 

For taking part on this Alvarez vs Munguia card, we believe that Jessie Magdaleno will be making $300,000 in boxing fighter pay. 

How Much Will the Winner Be Paid After This Fight?

With both of the Figueroa vs Magdaleno payouts disclosed, let's discuss what the winner of this fight can expect to make in their next bout. 

Given that the winner will be holding a WBC interim title (which Brandon Figueroa already is), the next hope would be that they fight the current WBC champion, Rey Vargas. 

If that is this winner's next fight, they can probably expect to make somewhere between $750,000-$1 million. 

But they'll have to win this weekend's fight first!

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