Edwin De Los Santos Scores An Upset TKO Victory on Ruiz Jr. vs. Ortiz PPV



Edwin De Los Santos Scores An Upset TKO Victory on Ruiz Jr. vs. Ortiz PPV

Edwin De Los Santos (15-1) came out the gate aggressively as he would not let Jose Valenzuela (12-1) gain any momentum. The left jab from De Los Santos was on the money, and he even stunned Valenzuela a little during the opening round. It seemed like Valenzuela had no clue that De Los Santos would be this quick and aggressive early on.

In what was a bizarre second round, Valenzuela scores a knockdown from a left hook to the equilibrium of De Los Santos. Then De Los Santos came back with a right hook, straight left, and then another right hook to send Valenzuela down to the canvas, but as he was going down, De Los Santos hit him with another punch which resulted in the referee taking a point away for the foul.

In the third round, De Los Santos landed another big left hook which sent Valenzuela down again, and this time the referee told Valenzuela to show him something. De Los Santos came back in there with a left hook that landed flush, prompting the referee to step in and stop the fight. Edwin De Los Santos scores the upset third-round TKO victory to open the PPV.

After the fight, De Los Santos said, “Valenzuela is a fighter who I feel has been protected, and I wanted to show everyone what I'm capable of. The plan wasn't to come forward so much, but when I saw how he was fighting, I was ready to go toe-to-toe. The Mexican fighters love to fight like that, but he was open for me to attack.”

De Los Santos continued, “I came in against a ranked fighter tonight, and I was up for the task. Now I want the same name that everyone wants. I want Gervonta Davis. Thank you to all the Dominican people. I feel your love, and I know that Santo Domingo is always behind me. We're going for more, and we're not stopping here.”

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