DraftKings Boxing Odds: Get the Best Value At This Top Sportsbook



DraftKings Boxing Odds: Get the Best Value At This Top Sportsbook

One of the most popular sports for placing big money wagers is boxing. With DraftKings you will find a wealth of markets for that sport along with great event coverage and strong odds. Here we take a look at everything from a brief overview of the DraftKings sportsbook through to some specifics on DraftKings boxing odds.

DraftKings boxing
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DraftKings sportsbook boxing: Upcoming event odds
Boxing fight cards can alter dramatically from week to week with multiple big fights through to weeks where there are only a few lower-profile bouts due to take place. Regardless of size and stature, you can rely on us to deliver unbiased and quality tips.

Here are our picks for the upcoming week:
Pick 1: Devin Haney vs Joseph Diaz: Moneyline, Devin Haney to win.
Odds: -575 (include in your parlays)

Pick 2: Lyndon Arthur vs Anthony Yarde: Moneyline, Lyndon Arthur to win
Odds: +105

* DraftKings boxing odds are correct at the time of publication. Please check with the bookmaker before placing your bet.

Devin Haney vs Joseph Diaz: Moneyline, Devin Haney to win @ -575
We know that the DraftKings boxing odds for our first tip are pretty uninspiring on first glance but context is very important. Firstly, the odds of -575 are not far off some of the best out there with plenty of bookies pricing Haney at -600 and beyond. Secondly, Haney beating Diaz is as close to a banker as you'll find – especially this weekend. In Diaz's last eight fights he's drawn one, lost one and one of his six wins came courtesy of a majority decision. Meanwhile you have Haney who is yet to taste anything but victory in his 26 fight career. You would probably say he has faced tougher opponents in recent times too. If that still isn't enough for you then Haney also holds a size and reach advantage over Diaz as well.

Some of you will ponder how much intangibles, like grit, and will, could influence Haney v Diaz

Lyndon Arthur vs Anthony Yarde: Moneyline, Lyndon Arthur to win @ +105
If Haney is seen as the ‘safe' bet of the weekend then nobody can be angling that accusation at us about backing Lyndon Arthur to beat Anthony Yarde. After all, Yarde is the favorite to win. Arthur, who is nicknamed King Arthur, has won 19 fights to date with 13 knockouts recorded including having already beaten Yarde back in 2020. Both fighters have taken on other fights since that first meeting that ended in a split decision in favor of Arthur but you can't read too much into Yarde sparking Alex Theran; the Colombian has been KO'd six times in his career. Arthur by contrast turned in an impressive display to see off the until then unbeaten Italian light heavyweight Davide Faraci. Yarde might be talking about upping his game for this fight but Arthur will be better than the first time round too.

What is the DraftKings sportsbook like?
The landscape of online sports betting has changed in the United States in recent years with DraftKings largely leading the charge on that front. They are one of the biggest players in the gambling sector and offer sports betting via mobile and desktop devices as well as having numerous bricks and mortar sites.

Our focus is predominantly on their online option – which is available through both mobile and desktop devices. Within their website and/or their mobile app, you'll be able to pick up bonuses, explore countless sporting markets that range from highly popular sports like the NFL and NBA to more niche sports, such as cycling and darts. Regardless of what sports tickle your fancy, you will have the ability to scan through multiple betting markets and place bets with ease.

How do DraftKings measure up in boxing?
We have not yet touched on it but one of the sports where this bookie excels is boxing. This is the key area of focus for us in this article. We will be considering event coverage, betting lines and, perhaps most importantly of all, the DraftKings boxing odds you can benefit from.

What boxing markets do Draftkings offer?
When it comes to DraftKings sportsbook boxing there is plenty of choice for you to bet on.

Fight Lines
If you're new to betting then a Moneyline bet might sounds confusing. Don't fear, though, because it's the most straightforward market there is. A moneyline bet is this: a wager on who will win the fight; there is no stipulation on the method or timing of victory.

Total Rounds
This is largely as it sounds in that you're betting on the number of rounds the boxing match will see. These bets are based on the ‘over or under' technique and, like with most bets of that nature, incorporate a decimal to ensure there is no question about the round in which a fight ends. Quite often, these bets will allow you to bet at every round interval.

Fight Props
To go the distance
In terms of betting markets that are self explanatory, the ‘to go the distance' bet is perhaps right up there; it is simply asking the question of whether or not the fight will be settled on points or not. If a bout goes to the judges’ scorecards then it is deemed to have gone the distance.

Winning Method
Given we've just spoken about betting on ‘going the distance' – or in other words will there be a knockout or not – the idea of a separate betting category focussed on the winning method might raise an eyebrow; it is different though. In the ‘to go the distance' market you're betting on the fight at a very high level in that you're not making any prediction as to who wins the fight; you're simply saying ‘yes' or ‘no' to the question. With the ‘winning method' market you have five different options to choose from.

These options are:

● Fighter one to win by decision or technical decision
● Fighter one to win by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification
● Fighter two to win by decision or technical decision
● Fighter two to win by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification
● Draw

Round Props
Round Betting
Round betting is another market that does what it says on the tin in that you are betting on the round the fight will end whilst backing a fighter at the same time. You'll find options available from round one all the way through to an option for points or, if you fancy it, the draw option. As we say, you'll see these betting options twice with bookie requirements needing you to back a winner and a round. The DraftKings boxing odds will vary dramatically across these rounds depending on the event in question, although round one predictions do tend to offer pretty high odds on a consistent basis.

Round Group Betting
The round group betting market is pretty much as per the round betting market we just spoke about but with one key difference. Where the round betting needs to to pick a specific round, the group option will broaden your prospects to cover a minimum of two rounds; it's worth noting these bets can sometimes vary with respect of how large the round groupings become. For example, if you look at the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, the round group betting is at two round intervals, however, Joseph Parker vs Dereck Chisora has round group betting at three round intervals. Of course, as the number of rounds increase so do your chances of winning and, as such, the Draftkings boxing odds will in turn reduce.

Plenty of folks will be backing Tommy Fury on DraftKings, not because they know he’s an ace, but because they dislike Jake Paul

Alternative Round Betting
The final market under the ‘Round Props' category is known as Alternative Round Betting. Essentially, this is another view of the Round Group Betting we've just discussed. Again, you have to back a fighter in your bet but, quite often, you'll then be presented with choosing between the first or second half of the fight; these options will be presented as fighter X to win in rounds 1-6 or in rounds 7-12. As with the other betting lines we've touched on, you will also have visibility of the points and draw selections too.

Draftkings Boxing FAQ
Is it easy to find the boxing markets within the Draftkings sportsbook? Yes, the sportsbook has easy to navigate menus with boxing accessible under the A-Z of sports.

Do DraftKings cover most boxing events? DraftKings offer some form of markets on lots of fights, yes.

How do the Draftkings boxing odds compare to other bookies? Betting odds can vary from fight to fight and market to market, however, from what we see, they are generally up there with the best of them.

Can I place boxing bets via the app? Yes, you can place boxing wagers on the mobile app, on a desktop device or at one of the brick and mortar sites.

Do DraftKings offer odds on future fights? You will find plenty of fights listed under the ‘boxing' section with dates out as far as late February, which means DraftKings are listing fights that are still several months away.

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