Deontay Wilder Calls “Bomb Squad” On Tyson Fury



Deontay Wilder Calls “Bomb Squad” On Tyson Fury
(Los Angeles): Oh it's going to be a very wild night.
On Wilshire Boulevard briskly heading toward the Biltmore Hotel for a meeting, a demented man with a British accent is screaming over The Weeknd in my headphones.
“Hey, Batman! Where the f*** are you going?” he roars, several times in different ways before I turn around, remembering the Dark Knight logo attached to my chest and being. “You bumped into my daughter and I'm very crossed about it. You'd better apologize to her now!”
This did not happen, though I will apologize to her for different reasons. He's intoxicated, but hardly off of life, and bravely wears a tight Tyson Fury t-shirt with the apparent belief that size doesn't matter.
Through the rubbish I ask for his daughter's name, and before he can continue to be a complete wanker, “Lindsey” reveals her name. “I would never hurt you… But listen Lindsey, I'm sorry this is your father. Good luck tonight.” I give her two courtesy ice skating tickets given to me by an LA Kings promotional team. I'm fairly certain WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0, 39KOs) will put Tyson Fury (27-0, 19KOs) and his entire fan base on ice, getting the big Brit circa November 2017 Bermane Stiverne'd courtesy of his “Bomb Squad”.
No sooner than I turn away from the smiling, slightly embarrassed sweet child, WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford is approaching with his family in all-black track suits trimmed in white.
“Bud what up bwoi?” I go, nooding at his family.
“Yo what's going on man?” he drops, as we both wave and head in different directions. I just can't see Crawford or his family in Fury's cheering section, but hey, strange things do happen. It dawns on me that the last time Fury was demonstrably relevant and effective he wore an insane Batman costume before leaving everyone like, “Holy Batshit! He beat Wladimir Klitschko!” But that was against a poorly motivated Wlad who wasn't even 70% of the fighter that dragged Anthony Joshua to the deep end of boxing's pool. It was Wilder who showed up at Friday's weigh-in looking like a 213 lb cut-up black version of Bain, ready to attack a malevolent British gypsy in Fury straight out of Venice Beach.
Later, new Premiere Boxing Champions star and Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao took to Twitter in support of his longtime trainer, Freddie Roach, who'll serve as the wisest cutman of all-time in the corner of a decent conditioned Fury for tonight's battle. Freddie is the kind of guy who studies the psychology of a fighter before the bell, looking for clues in approach. Roach was not brought in to help Fury win rounds. No. He's there to get a reckless and technique sloppy Wilder with prodigious holes in his defense KTFO early.
These are two wrongs that definitely won't make the right Deontay will be looking for an easy turn, but three lefts will. Wilder, who's studied none other than former heavyweight all-time great Lennox Lewis on the art of fighting tall off the jab, will show more fundamentally sound dimension before causing at least 10 seconds worth of dementia in Fury in round 2 – or – he'll find a way to stretch the contest to the eighth of ninth round. Either way, expect Deontay Wilder, mad as hell all damn week, to summon the “Bomb Squad” and end Fury in Tyson-like fashion whenever it ends.

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