Davis Garcia Presser Report: Promises of Broken Jaws, Oscar v Leonard Beefing, More



Davis Garcia Presser Report: Promises of Broken Jaws, Oscar v Leonard Beefing, More

On Thursday afternoon, the Davis Garcia presser unfolded, leaving us just two days away from the 136-pound catchweight collision.

Brian Custer, from Showtime, presided over the proceedings at MGM in Las Vegas. He informed watchers that the young guns would square off at the MGM Grand and can be watched on PPV. I will watch on the platform.

Ryan Garcia, who came off as pretty relaxed considering the stakes, went to the mic, and said it was an honor to be there. “This is what I've dreamed of since I'm a little boy, now I'm here, I'm very happy, and very excited,” he said. He thanked a higher power and said he's wanting to stay focused, and rumble. He promised a KO of Gervonta.

(You can read predictions from the  NYF squad here.)

Tank Davis took to the podium, “one of the most vicious punchers in the sport,” according to Custer. Tank said time for talk is over, “I'm ready to get down and dirty.” He kept it ultra short.

Gervonta Davis seemed confident at the April 20 Davis Garcia presser

Gervonta Davis acted confident at the Davis Garcia presser (Esther Lin photo)

When Custer tossed queries to the principals, Davis called Garcia “delusional” when asked his thoughts on Ryan promising to stop him.

Garcia during the Davis Garcia presser  said we will see truly how special he is when they clash Saturday. “It's going to be over quick, real quick,” Garcia said. Both agreed they only needed one shot to stop the other guy. “I feel like I'm gonna break your jaw with the hook,” Garcia said. Tank said no, he's going to break Ryan's jaw, warning him not to bring his family to watch.

“You got the lowest punch output in boxing,” Ryan said, and Tank said his accuracy is where it's at. Nope, he will not be punished by Tank, he asserted.

“Make sure you've been practicing keeping your hands up,” Gervonta warned Ryan. Ryan has weak fundamentals, he continued. He's got a hook, no footwork, no defense, nothing beyond the hook, the Baltimore boxer repeated.

They jawed more at the Davis Garcia presser when Ryan brought up the requests made by Team Tank, regarding the weight and such.

Tank was asked what's gonna happen Saturday. “His ass whupped,” Tank said, laughing when the words were repeated to Ryan by Custer.

They jawed more during the face-off, with promises of broken jaws being slung. Promoter Tom Brown stood large between the lightweights, to ensure peace.

The highlight as far as color goes to Oscar De La Hoya, promoter of Ryan Garcia. He had his say, and lobbed grenades. “I look at Tank, he looks ready,” he said. “But when I look at Tanks' teams' actions, throughout the whole promotion, I'm left to wonder, do they really think this guy is ready? Catchweight and rehydration clauses, late-afternoon weigh-in, all of these small, petty requirements point to a team that looks to protect their fighter. And why would they look to protect their fighter unless they think he's not ready for this moment. I really believe Tank's team is worried he's going to lose. And when you're a fighter, nothing feels worse than your team not believing in you.” Ryan, on the other hand, said yes to everything, because he's confident. That's why he will be the new face of boxing come Saturday,” Oscar said.

Then, Leonard Ellerbe, repping Tank Davis, not Floyd Mayweather, he has stepped back, hurled back his own explosives. “First off, we believe in Tank a thousand percent, a thousand percent. So when it comes to you, you have no room to talk about anything! We've been the A side in this situation, and that's how the A side carries itself. Like I said, you've been sleeping at the effing wheel for many, many years!”

Oscar barked back, “I'm here.”

Leonard Ellerbe and Oscar De La Hoya trade (verbal) blows at Thursday's presser. Photo: Gayle Falkenthal, NYFights

Leonard Ellerbe and Oscar De La Hoya trade (verbal) blows at Thursday's presser. Photo: Gayle Falkenthal, NYFights

Ellerbe threw a combo during the Davis Garcia presser: “That's exactly why we took all your effin' fighters, and Floyd beat 'em all, while you've been sleeping under the effin' wheel…Saturday, it will be “Tank Davis by KO, and it might be early! Thank you,” he finished, while Oscar showed his disdain with facial expressions.

You know it's big one, because Custer mentioned the option to watch the festivities on closed circuit. NOTE: It's an 8 PM ET start Saturday, for a four-bout package. Two days away, y'all.

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