David Benavidez Card PPV Numbers



David Benavidez Card PPV Numbers
Photos by Amanda Westcott/Showtime

David Benavidez is no future star, he’s one of boxings’ brightest shining lights, right now. On Saturday, he tamed skilled vet Demetrius Andrade in heavily convincing fashion, on Showtime pay per view.

The buzz from beating Andrade and then calling out Canelo to rumble rippled heavily Saturday into Sunday and beyond for the rumbler doing his thing on the PBC circuit. So, that David Benavidez vs Andrade PPV, with an ultra solid on paper undercard, how did it do?

One industry expert weighed in on Wednesday morning. The tally looks like less than 100k buys all in.

For what it’s worth….

David Benavidez Jr. scores a sixth round TKO win over Demetrius Andrade Saturday in Las Vegas. Photo: Amanda Wescott, Showtime Boxing

David Benavidez scores a sixth round TKO win over Demetrius Andrade Saturday in Las Vegas. How many people tuned in to the card on PPV? Photo: Amanda Wescott, Showtime Boxing

David Benavidez Is One Of Boxing's Best, Do the Buy Numbers Reflect That?

I’m not THE EXPERT in the money metrics for all of this. To be honest, that seems within the realm of what one could expect with a rising star atop the card. As his name recognition grows, I’d expect David Benavidez to be part of plenty of big time purses, and to be able to boast of gaudier numbers.

And note to some: Listen, I don’t adore all elements of the sport. The regular Joe fan in me is like you, I don’t adore extra bills to pay.

But the PPV model that boxing has dipped in and out of since the 90s is in effect not just within boxing, but it feels like everywhere. Boxing it can be argued was ahead of the curve in this regard. Mike Tyson went to the Benavidez fight, and it's clear he has massive respect for how the 26 year old plies the trade. See the lede fight for this story…

Mike Tyson is still a PPV star, David Beanvidez is still building his brand

Starting out, Mike Tyson got featured on “basic” cable, and some over the air. Into the 90s, the shift to PPV accelerated, led by HBOs' TVKO. That path appeared because advertisers don't flock to boxing like they do other sports, not enough to support outsized fighter paydays

Companies and corporations are looking to maximize earnings, and in a sport which struggles to attract meaningful advertising support, extra support from the consumer is requested.

For now, that’s not going away, so it is what is. We are not returning to “the old days” where content is offered “over the air” for free and it automatically attracts a beefy audience. But I’ve basically accepted the construct, and act accordingly.

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