Danny Garcia Takes Out Granados



Danny Garcia Takes Out Granados


The Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California was the site once again for a PBC & TGB Promotions

With a possible future big payday and title shot on the line, the main event was primed to deliver some action packed boxing.

Danny “Swift” Garcia (34-2) last fought in September against Shawn Porter for the WBC Welterweight title and although an entertaining fight, “Swift” wasn’t able to do enough in the eyes of the judges to win on the scorecards. A win against Granados would position himself right back towards the world title picture.

Adrian “El Tigre” Granados (20-6-2) had a busy 2018 after losing by unanimous decision to Shawn Porter at the end of 2017.  With his last three fights consisting of a no decision and back to back wins, Granados is coming into this fight with the right momentum to try and pull off the upset victory.

Here is how this evening’s fights unfolded.


Danny “Swift” Garcia vs. Adrian “El Tigre” Granados

After the first round, it was clear as day that the Garcia left hook to the head would be the “money punch” in this fight. Garcia landed it hard at the end of the first round which was the beginning of the end for Granados. In the second round, it was a Garcia left hook to the head that lead to the first knockdown of the fight. Granados did get up but the composed Garcia chose not to jump on him and instead setup a devastating right hook that lead to the second knockdown of the fight. Rounds three to five, Danny Garcia was just busting up Granados and the end was near. In the fifth round, it was a Garcia right hook that landed sending Granados to the canvas once again. In round seven, Garcia was determined to close the show and was just tattooing Granados which led to the referee calling a halt to the action. The winner is Danny “Swift” Garcia by seventh round TKO.


Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (18-0) vs. Yonfrez Parejo (22-3-1)

Brandon Figueroa is a fighter who thrives off of the “phone booth” type of action. It was no different in this one as the fight was blow for blow from the start. Figueroa throughout the first three rounds, was switching from southpaw to conventional throughout the rounds which was confusing Parejo. Parejo was having success with the counter over hand right but it did not stop Figueroa from landing vicious left upper cuts to the body. Rounds four through eight saw Figueroa pounding the body and Parejo countering when he had the opportunity to do so. At the end of the eighth round, Figueroa landed a hard left hook to the body and stared at Parejo when he walked to his corner. Parejo took two very deep breaths prior to sitting down and once he did, the corner stopped the fight. Brandon Figueroa is now the new interim WBA Super bantamweight champion with an eighth round knockout victory.


Andy Ruiz Jr. (31-1) vs. Alexander Dimitrenko (41-4)

This one had very little technique involved as the big heavyweights were in there slugging it out. Ruiz was leading with that big straight right which followed a soft jab. Dimitranko was trying to establish his jab and counter at times but just wasn’t doing enough to keep Ruiz off of him. At the end of the fifth round, Dimetrenko went to his corner and they stopped the fight. Andy Ruiz wins by fifth round knockout.


“King”Karlos Balderas (7-0) vs. Luis May (21-13-1)

Karlos Balderas has been staying active and tonight was another opportunity to show off those skills that has fans and media buzzing here on the west coast. In the first round, Balderas was landing a really good check left hook which was followed by a strong overhand right. In the second, it was a counter left hook that led to the knockdown of Luis May. In the third round, a straight right landed for Balderas which resulted in the second knockdown of the fight. May got up from the canvas and was met with a Balderas left hook which sent him right back to the canvas. In the fourth round, Balderas was just too much for May which led the referee to stop the fight. The winner is Karlos Balderas by fourth round knockout.


Raymond Muratalla (6-0) Jose Cen Torres (13-11)

Raymond Muratalla was the larger man and he fought that way in the first round as he used his size and strength to man handle the smaller Torres. Muratalla was landing some serious left hooks to the body in the second that forced Torres to take a step back and take some very DEEP breaths. In the third round, Muratalla landed a vicious right uppercut to score the first knockdown of the fight. After Torres got up, Muratalla landed a right hook that sent him to the canvas for the second knockdown of the fight. Torres got up once again but was met with a right hook by Muratalla that sent him to the canvas for the final time in this one. Raymond Muratalla wins by third round knockout.


Rolando “Rollies” Romero (8-0) vs. Andres Figueroa (9-4)

This fight occurred immediately after the main event on FS1. Rolando Romero who has steamed rolled through most of his opponents, came into the first round trying to do that but Figueroa was not in there to be the next victim. Figueroa landed some good hard right hooks to the body of Romero which had him breathing hard. “Rollie” was throwing hard but wide left and right hooks throughout the first three rounds. Figueroa threw a counter straight right that caught Romero’s attention but not enough to do any severe damage. In the fourth, Romero landed a monster left hook knocking Figueroa out and requiring a stretcher to be brought into the ring. Rolando Romero with the vicious fourth round knockout victory.


Shon Mondragon (1-0) vs Hugo Rodriguez (0-3)

The southpaw Mondragon wasted no time in the first round as he had the right jab landing and would follow it with the straight left hand.  In the second, a left uppercut stung Rodriguez and he started to get on his bicycle. In the start of the third round, Mondragon jumped right on him with a barrage of straight lefts and left uppercuts which led to the referee stopping the fight. Shon Mondragon gets the victory via third round knockout.


With a Pay Per View fight happening simultaneously on the east coast, there was a question whether the fans would come out to support this event. The fans did come out in what was a very solid attendance and they were treated to an action packed card and a peek at some very good young prospects eager to make a splash into their respective divisions. One thing is for sure, Danny “Swift” Garcia is ready for another title shot in the near future.

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