Creator Clash 2 On PPV Saturday, April 15



Creator Clash 2 On PPV Saturday, April 15

Creator Clash is back, and this time, the influencers pay. The second installment takes place this Saturday, April 15, at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

Several returning faces from the first event last year are back. Plenty of new personalities add to the mix, with the main event of Alex Wassabi challenging iDubbbz in a four-round pro debut for both. The 12-fight card features content creators with all net profits will go to charity. The 2022 extravaganza raised $1.3 for charity, for the record.

From last year to this year, one change: word has gotten out what kind of shape you need to be in for boxing

To anyone paying attention, the difference between this year's event and last year's is that the training from the participants is much more intense this time.

Last year, this reporter was quite impressed with the vibe in the arena and the action. Read my recap here.

Marquis Johns dug the atmosphere at Creator Clash one

“So this year, he pushed me pretty hard last year, but not as hard as this year, the last three days of like camp last year,” Nathan “Dad” Barnatt told me on the Say What You Say Boxing Podcast leading up to the fight.

Here is a Creator Clash 2 schedule, to catch all the action and lunacy

“This whole fight camp for ten weeks has been that every day. Like yeah, next level. Yeah, like I showed up in shape. But I wasn't in shape enough. I thought I was in shape. And it took me a good two weeks to really get into shape. And right now, I'm in the best stamina and cardio strength shape I've ever been in my entire life because we're doing it twice a day, every day.”

Harley Morenstein, Co-creator of the Youtube series Epic Mealtime, created a video of his 70 lb transformation for his matchup with pro wrestler John Hennigan.

Sabrina, who is facing Jalearay on the card, spoke on Say What You Say Boxing to explain her surprise in the training process:

What was not familiar was getting kicked in the stomach while planking, and that is an exercise that our coach implemented where we brace for impact while planking, and he kicks us 20 times on each side, and then he'll go kick the other guy, and then he'll come back and kick You kick the other guy come back and kick you.

Creator Clash 2, again bring together well-known digital creators across gaming, animation, tech, dbrancing, finance, cuisine, comedy, and more for the must-see boxing event of the year.

Creator Clash 2 Fight Card

Alex Wassabi vs. iDubbbz

Harley Morenstein vs. John Hennigan

Michelle Khare vs. Andrea Botez

Andrea Botez fights on the Creator Clash 2 card Saturday, April 15 in Florida

Andre Botez is a creator who enjoys chess, and also whuppin’ a foe in a ring

Marisha Ray vs. Haley Sharpe

William Haynes vs. Chris Ray Gun

Myth vs. Hundar

Arin Hanson vs. Jarvis Johnson

Alanah Pearce vs. Mika

CrankGameplays vs. Leonhart

Been delving hard into the second Creator Clash on this pod

Nathan Barnatt (Dad) vs. AB Ayad

Jaelaray vs. Abelina Sabrina

Jack Manifold vs. Dakota Olave