Creator Clash Has A Las Vegas Media Workout Ahead Of Their May 14 Event



Creator Clash Has A Las Vegas Media Workout Ahead Of Their May 14 Event

LAS VEGAS (April 20, 2022) – This past Monday, social media influencers,iDubbbz and Hundar, hosted a media workout in Las Vegas to promote their upcoming boxing matches, taking place at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, on May 14, 2022. The event titled Creator Clash, has a combined 131,000,000 followers and over 22 billion views with other influencers fighting on the card. Professional boxer, Shane Mosley Jr. joined the duo in their workouts.

Tickets for the event, which is produced by iDubbbz in collaboration with co-creator Mike Leanardi and Real Good Touring, are on sale now and can be purchased at The Creator Clash website. Creator Clash will also stream live worldwide and can be purchased on Moment House.

Here is what iDubbbz, Hundar, and Shane Mosley Jr. had to say Tuesday from the Capetillo Boxing Gym in Las Vegas:


Photo Credit: Alex Sanchez/ MJS Entertainment

“This experience has been incredible, getting to work out alongside Shane Mosley Jr, and getting my hands wrapped by the great trainer and cutman Jorge Capetillo. I was nervous when I was moving around in the ring with Shane, but he gave me some good advice on how to control my breathing, and I was able to calm down a bit. Capetillo also gave me some good tips on how to move my head and avoid getting hit. Being in a world class boxing gym, training with real professional boxing folks, was an experience I will take going into my fight with Dr. Mike.”


Photo Credit: Alex Sanchez/ MJS Entertainment

“I’ve always had a great appreciation for boxing and until you’ve actually done it, then you really don’t know what it entails to be a boxer. It’s the most enduring sport on planet earth and I’ve been training for the last several months, I’m taking my fight with AB very seriously. When I was in the ring with Shane Mosley Jr., he had me circling both ways and made some adjustments to my footwork. With all the professional boxing people that were in the gym watching us workout, it was pretty stressful, because you don’t want to look like a clown, but they were all very nice, and I was very thankful for all the support and tips they gave us. Boxing is no joke, and I applaud anyone who fights professionally.”

Shane Mosley Jr.

Photo Credit:Alex Sanchez/ MJS Entertainment

“It was fun working with iDubbbz and Hundar, these guys are working hard, and you can tell they are passionate about their upcoming fights. They both were a little tense, but it’s understandable being that they are out of their element. I give them a lot of credit for stepping in the ring, as we all know you don’t play boxing. I’m hoping the tips I gave them will help them in their fights.”