Chordale Booker On the Climb At 154



Chordale Booker On the Climb At 154
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World-ranked 154lb contender Chordale Booker (21-1, 10 KOs) will be making the second defense of his WBC USA title on February 3rd at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

He will be headlining a card promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s CES Boxing in a ten-round New England matchup against Greg “The Villain” Vendetti (23-5-1, 12 KOs).

Booker was a decorated amateur who won numerous different titles including a national championship and earned a spot in the 2016 US Olympic Trials.

He now holds a 21-1 professional record, along with a #14 ranking by the WBO, and knows that a victory in this fight is crucial for him getting the big fight that he desires in the near future.

CHORDALE Booker fights at super welterweight

The fight was originally brought to Booker’s attention in August when Vendetti’s manager approached him after a knockout victory.

He was caught off guard by the interaction and the disrespect he felt was given to him has only added fuel to the fire. He is motivated to make a statement fight night because of it, he tells NYF.

“His manager saw when I fought at Mohegan my last fight and then he came up to me after my fight,” said the boxer nicknamed ‘The Gift.’ ‘He was talking about, we’ll fight you now you got something to fight for. Didn’t really say congratulations or anything like that, so I started laughing. Let him know now I’m gonna smoke your guy and I’m gonna make sure after I smoke him, I’m gonna let everyone know that it’s your fault. Let the fighter do the talking, you the manager.”

“I’m with my girl, family, and stuff and he decided to do that,” Booker continued. “I didn’t even eat food yet, I just got out of the ring, I’m going to try and find dinner and he caught me walking to the pizza spot. Now it adds a little bit more motivation and a little bit more personal towards him.”

During their initial press conference that took place Saturday, Booker echoed these thoughts and made it clear that he intends to make Vendetti pay for his manager’s actions.

This is a fight Booker has been interested in for years now. He tried to reach out a few years back and jumped on the opportunity when the tables turned.

“I’m happy because I’ve asked for this fight. Probably after he fought Lara or maybe even right before that fight I asked for this fight and they said I wasn’t worth it, I don’t have anything, I wasn’t good enough so it’s good to have it now.”

Rock-solid pride of New England faceoff here

When asked for his prediction for the fight, Booker gave a detailed answer and wasn’t worried about giving away a game plan since it is a clear contrast in styles.

“They already know the game plan and I know his game plan. He’s gonna come in, bob and weave, try to do the Mike Tyson style, try and walk me down. I’m gonna stay on the outside, pick shots, and be a slick southpaw.

‘In this fight, it’s like styles make fights and he has the same style, so I’m just gonna outbox him. If he really gets out of line he’s gonna get caught with some big shots and that’s gonna be the end of the night for him.”

Since suffering the only blemish of his pro career against Austin “Ammo” Williams (15-0, 10 KOs), Booker has rallied off four victories in a row, including three straight stoppage victories.

You don’t find out what a fighter is all about until they face adversity, and how they bounce back from it is what truly defines them.

With many fighters grasping for excuses after defeat (some legit and some not so much), it is refreshing to see a fighter own their defeat and speak on how it’s changed them for the better and that’s exactly what Booker did.

“It was one of those things that I had to just take on the chin, literally and figuratively. I knew it was something that I did, it wasn’t anybody else. It was me not being active and just kind of coming out very flat and I learned from that, I come out with a sense of urgency now.”

Being from New England, it has been great to see our local boxing scene flourish the way it has recently.

We have guys fighting on televised cards for world titles, but the club scene has gained momentum as well and these local cards are more than just your average “stay busy” fights.

Both Booker and Vendetti have been featured on PBC cards in the past and instead of waiting around and fighting lesser opposition waiting for the next big call, they’re testing themselves against the best local opposition available.

This is as good a local matchup as you can get and is worthy of being on a televised undercard for a major fight.

You have two guys who have proven to be above the club level and it is the classic clash of styles between a pressure fighter and a boxer that is always intriguing.

The winner will assert themselves as a legit contender at 154lbs and be firmly in the running for a marquee fight later on this year.