Ray Boom Boom Mancini Says Ryan Garcia Basic, Gervonta Power Will Overwhelm



Ray Boom Boom Mancini Says Ryan Garcia Basic, Gervonta Power Will Overwhelm

The lightweight division has an army of potential superstars all looking to be the five-star general of 135 lbs. As it stands now, Devin Haney has the target on his back as the man of the division with Vasiliy Lomachenko aiming to demote him of his position. Two men looking to climb the rankings, and be THE FACE at 135, are facing off against one another on April 22,  Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia to clash in one of the most highly anticipated bouts of 2023. Ray Boom Boom Mancini is a lightweight and living legend who has kindly offered upopinions and prediction on this mega fight, and he doesn’t mince his words.

I think Tank punches holes through him,” Ray Boom BoomMancini said. (Here is a counterpoint.)

Gervonta Davis takes aim at Issac Cruz

Gervonta Davis takes aim at Isaac Cruz. Mancini thinks he's too strong for Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia, I’ve seen a bit [of him], Ryan Garcia’s basic. There’s nothing, he’s got fast hands, how do you negate the quickness, the speed? Pressure. Now, Tank’s not a pressure fighter from the jump but he does put pressure on in the later rounds. What Garcia will be thinking is Tank’s a slow starter so they figure if they jump on him early his power and speed can catch Tank early because I think they know once this fight goes into four, five rounds Ryan Garcia’s going to be taken into deep waters.

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Back to Boom Boom, who continued: “Let me tell you something, Tank Davis is a terrific fighter, a terrific puncher who I think punches holes through Ryan Garcia. Ryan Garcia is basic, I saw him one time when he fought Luke Campbell from England who dropped him. He beat Luke Campbell but Luke Campbell was already one foot in the grave as far as boxing’s concerned.

“Ryan Garcia’s fast, ok. So what?! There’s a lot of fast guys. He’s basic, he’s basic. So I guess Tank will walk through him in the later half of the fight, like I said he punches holes through him. I don’t think this kid’s ready for Tanks power.”

It’s safe to say Ray Boom Boom Mancini isn’t sitting on the fence for this fight as he clearly sees no way possible for the bigger Garcia to overcome Davis.