The Top 10 Best Boxing Knockouts in History



The Top 10 Best Boxing Knockouts in History

Making a comprehensive ranking of the best knockouts in boxing history is a difficult undertaking, like choosing the brightest stars in a galactic tapestry. Every fight, a tribute to the unwavering spirit of fighters, has a distinct narrative that appeals to fight fans of all ages.

The fighters on this list represent the height of creativity, from Foreman’s unwavering quest of greatness to Muhammad Ali's legendary fights that went beyond sports. Boxing enthusiasts will discuss, remember, and experience the excitement of these fights again since they are now essential parts of the overall story of best boxing knockouts in history.

This countdown explores the strategic genius, the accuracy of a well-placed punch, and the seismic force that reverberates throughout the sport's hallways, going beyond the simple spectacle of a boxer striking the canvas. 

The Best Knockouts in Boxing History

Come relive the drama, power, and sublime artistry that characterize the best boxing knockouts—a display of strength, tenacity, and the exhilarating spirit of boxing's knockout culture. So, without further delay let’s dive into the world of top ten best knockouts in boxing history.

1. Thunder Strikes: Ali vs Foreman

There are not many moments in boxing history as legendary as Muhammad Ali's victory over George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle. It was a titanic fight between Foreman, the unstoppable behemoth, and Ali, the cunning and captivating tactician, which took place in Kinshasa, Zaire on October 30, 1974.

Renowned for his devastating knockout power, Foreman came into the ring as the clear favorite. He was the heavyweight champion. Ali, though, had other ideas. He used a strategy that became known as the “rope-a-dope.” Ali leaned against the ropes throughout the early rounds to deflect and absorb Foreman's heavy attacks.

Foreman put forth a great deal of effort throughout the battle, landing punches with fierce passion. With his back to the ropes, Ali demonstrated an amazing ability to slip and block most of Foreman's blows. Suddenly everything changed in the eighth round, a moment that will live on in boxing legend.

Ali showed tactical mastery when he fired a flurry of accurate right hooks, targeting Foreman's weary and exposed body. A powerful right hand that landed flat on Foreman's face signaled the crescendo, sending the champion crashing to the canvas.

The referee counted, and Muhammad Ali won in a stunning upset because Foreman could not get up in time. With this knockout, Ali not only regained the heavyweight title but also demonstrated his tactical brilliance, which made him a legendary fighter. Keep watching as we continue our exploration of the best boxing knockouts, each of which tells a unique tale of talent, tenacity, and raw force that epitomizes the sport.

2. Trilogy's Opening Act: Gatti vs Ward 1

The second fight on our list, between Arturo “Thunder” Gatti and Micky Ward, went beyond the confines of a conventional boxing contest and became a tale of bravery and unwavering resolve. This historic trilogy's first act took place in Uncasville, Connecticut on May 18, 2002, and it instantly became a legend in the boxing world.

Renowned for their determination and entertaining techniques, Gatti and Ward fought back and forth nonstop for the full ten rounds. Often referred to as the “round of the century,” the eighth round was the height of their rivalry. Gatti was knocked down by Ward's incredible body punch, but Thunder was unflappable and got back up after taking a ton of punishment. Gatti countered, making the last rounds a symphony of heart and grit despite the crushing strikes. 

Ward prevailed by majority decision, but both fighters made a lasting impression on the sport and created the opportunity for two more unforgettable fights.

3. Corrales vs Castillo: Boxing's Answer to Rocky Moments

Diego Corrales and José Luis Castillo gave one of the most memorable performances in the annals of epic boxing bouts, evoking the emotional intensity of classic films. This fight, which comes in third place on our list, took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 7, 2005, and is considered to be boxing's equivalent of Rocky moments.

Corrales and Castillo, who were both in possession of the lightweight world title, fought fiercely and powerfully, keeping onlookers on the edge of their seats. The fight was a perfect example of a Rocky film, with both competitors displaying unwavering will in the face of extreme hardship. Castillo demonstrated relentless force, while Corrales showed unwavering drive despite a cut above his eye.

The action picked up steam as the championship rounds progressed. After falling behind on the scorecards of two judges, Corrales made an incredible comeback in the tenth round, winning by knockout. 

One of the most spectacular scenes in boxing history occurred at the end of the 10th round when Corrales, fighting against the ropes, launched a barrage that prompted the referee to stop the bout. With this incredible comeback win, Corrales vs Castillo will go onto the books of boxing history as a contemporary classic—a true Rocky moment.

4. Ceaseless Fury in Vegas: Hagler vs Hearns

The thrilling fight between Hagler and Hearns in 1985 is commemorated at position four. In the historic opening round of this super middleweight bout, both fighters were bloodied and bruised. 

Hagler's decisive victory via knockout in the third round cemented this match as one of the best knockouts in boxing matches ever. Just check out the highlights to see why, this bout speaks for itself.

5. Thrilla in Manila’s Brutal Symphony: Ali vs Frazier III

The Thrilla in Manila, the third and final fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, not only ranks fifth on our list of the best boxing knockouts, but also remains a vicious symphony that cuts beyond the boundaries of sports history. 

In the intense heat of Manila, Philippines, on October 1, 1975, these two heavyweight legends squared off in a fight that would go down in history as a testament to tenacity, bravery, and the cruel nature of professional boxing.

The Manila Thrilla was an uncontainable physical struggle. Even in the sweltering heat, Ali and Frazier showed an unwavering determination to triumph. In the early going, there was an unrelenting barrage of powerful blows, and neither man seemed willing to back down. “It's going to be a Killa and a thrilla and a chilla when I get that gorilla in Manila!” was a saying attributed to Ali, who was well-known for his verbal sparring.

The violence increased as the argument went on. By the middle rounds, it was clear that both fighters' bodies had suffered damage. The fighters pushed each other to the verge of exhaustion in the intense heat. In the aftermath, Ali said, “This is the closest I've ever been to dying.” Frazier battled bravely, his vision impaired by a melting ice bag.

Among the hardest rounds in boxing history is the fourteenth one. Frazier's crew chose to end the bout after realizing how much their fighter had suffered. Although Ali won, each man gave something of themselves to the ring. 

The Thrilla in Manila is still a moving chapter in the history of the sport; Ali and Frazier composed a horrific symphony of passion, tenacity, and pure willpower. It was more than simply a boxing battle; it was an epic story about two gladiators who were striving for greatness and straining the limits of human endurance.

6. The Four Kings Collide: Leonard vs Hearns

The sixth spot on our list is taken by the 1981 welterweight match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns. This matchup, which took place during the storied Four Kings era, pitted Leonard's strategic acumen against Hearns' tenacity. 

The stoppage in the fourteenth round cemented this bout as one of the best boxing knockouts in history. Check out the highlights to see what we’re talking about.

7. Age-Defying Triumph in Heavyweight Drama: Foreman vs Moorer

When George Foreman entered the ring against Michael Moorer on November 5, 1994, at the age of 45, his incredible journey through the annals of boxing history took an unexpected turn. This epic fight, which comes in at number seven on our list of the best knockouts in boxing, was proof of Foreman's unbreakable spirit and the timeless appeal of heavyweight drama.

Foreman, a former heavyweight champion who had given up a decade earlier, shocked everyone by making a surprise return in the latter stages of his career. He was up against Moorer, the current champion, and a fierce opponent in his prime, and the cards were stacked against him. Foreman showed measured patience during the match in Las Vegas, taking Moorer's blows as he bided his time.

In a breathtaking change of pace, Moorer was floored by Foreman's devastating right hand in the tenth round, which sealed the victory. George Foreman's age-defying victory at 45 made him the oldest heavyweight champion in history, adding even more significance to his already legendary career. 

This fight remains a prime illustration of how boxing can create memorable moments when toughness and experience overcomes youth and energy.

8. Rocky's Improbable Triumph: Marciano vs Walcott I

Rocky Marciano's September 23, 1952, fight with Jersey Joe Walcott is still remembered as a legendary knockout in boxing history. 

The current heavyweight champion, Walcott, showed off his expertise and skill by dominating the first few rounds. But in a stunning change of circumstances, Marciano—who was renowned for his unrelenting aggression—let off a powerful right hand in the 13th round. With accuracy, the blow made contact and knocked Walcott to the ground. 

Marciano's incredible comeback won the fight and launched his illustrious career as the heavyweight champion, leaving a lasting impression on the colorful tapestry of best knockouts in boxing history.

9. Lightning-Fast Demise: Tyson vs Spinks

Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks, which took place on June 27, 1988, is remembered as one of the best boxing knockouts in history because of how quickly it ended. 

Given Tyson's legendary status as the heavyweight champion and his penchant for violence, there was a lot of buildup to this fight. Tyson launched a relentless attack and connected with a string of devastating strikes in just ninety-one seconds. Spinks was eliminated with a strong left hook that sent him to the ground. 

With his decisive victory, Tyson cemented his supremacy and threw another explosive arc in the legend of Iron Mike, leaving a lasting impression on boxing fans.

10. Nakatani's Resilience Shines: KO12 Andrew Moloney

Boxing history will never be the same after Junto Nakatani's incredible knockout victory over Andrew Moloney, a fight that was a monument to tenacity and willpower. 

Both competitors displayed their abilities and tenacity over the course of twelve intense rounds, but Nakatani's unshakeable spirit was what really stood out. Against all odds, Nakatani rallied his strength in the twelfth round and sent Moloney sprawling to the canvas with a devastating shot. 

Nakatani's victory was sealed by the knockout, which was the result of his unwavering perseverance and cemented his place in the annals of noteworthy knockout moments in the sport.

Best Boxing Knockouts – Honorable Mentions

The struggle for a top 10 ranking in this list of the best boxing knockouts is just as intense as the blows delivered in the ring. Several fights, each showcasing incredible strength and ability, begged to be included. However, below are several knockouts that deserve an honorable mention.

The Lightning Punch of Pacquiao Against Hatton

A tribute to the transcendent skill and explosive strength of the Filipino superstar, Manny Pacquiao's thunderbolt blow against Ricky Hatton stands out in the pantheon of spectacular knockouts. 

The seismic encounter took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2, 2009, when Hatton and “Pac-Man” squared off in a fight that was expected to produce pyrotechnics. With the title “Pacquiao's Lightning Strike Against Hatton,” this honorable mention highlights the greatness that can occur in an instant and honors a significant turning point in Pacquiao's brilliant career.

Tszyu vs Judah – A Thunderous Duel of Explosive Might

The fight between Kostya Tszyu and Zab Judah earned its spot as a resounding example of explosive might. Although the bout just missed making the top 10, boxing fans still find great significance in what is widely considered to be one of the sport's most exciting fights. It happened on November 3, 2001.

The last bell sounds, capping our ringside tour through boxing's greatest knockouts. The canvas reverberates with the echoes of fleeting moments, alive with the light of warriors. As you exit the ring, remember the stories embedded in each punch, the unwavering spirit, and the tremendous cheers. Within the extensive boxing arena, where every match tells a story, these knockouts serve as enduring chapters. 

Bren Gray is our resident Kiwi, and has been writing about sports since he could first string words together. He first fell in love with boxing when David Tua took on Lennox Lewis in 2000, and hasn't looked back since.