Bentley vs Dignum Purse: Big Money For Bentley



Bentley vs Dignum Purse: Big Money For Bentley

The Bentley vs Dignum purse that will be received after these two boxers square off in Bethnal Green, London, England this weekend this weekend is nothing short of spectacular. 

While neither of these two fighters are household names, the fact that they're competing for a WBO international middleweight title raises for stakes for this fight — and contributes to the Bentley vs Dignum prize money that will be issued. 

Boxing fighter pay is always pretty good, and the predicted Bentley vs Dignum payouts that are listed below is another example of that. 

Bentley vs Dignum Purse: Has Either Fighter Ever Made So Much?

How Much Will Bentley Be Paid This Weekend?

Despite suffering two losses in his last three fights, Denzel Bentley remains in the upper echelon of middleweight boxers in the world. 

There hasn't been much disclosed information about the boxing fighter pay Bentley has earned across his career. Yet, the fact that he has held championship belts tells us a good deal about what he can expect to earn, in terms of his Bentley vs Dignum prize money. 

We know that Queensberry Promotions won a purse bid for the ordered British and Commonwealth middleweight title unification fight between Denzel Bentley and Felix Cash in April 2021. 

Unfortunately, it was never disclosed what the exact amount of that purse bid was. So we can't provide an actual amount that Bentley earned as a result of that fight. 

But we are able to provide an estimate. We would assume that Bentley earned anywhere between $150,000-$200,000 for that bout. 

Although Bentley did suffer a KO defeat against Cash. Since then, the 29 year old has gone 4-2, with the two losses coming in his three most recent fights. 

For that reason, we believe Bentley will be making $150,000 as a Bentley vs Dignum purse this weekend. 

How Much Will Dignum Be Paid This Weekend?

The last time that Danny Dignum lost a fight came against Janibek Alimkhanuly in May 2022, when he was knocked out in the second round. 

We are privy to some information about that fight which should provide us a solid indication of what Dignum's boxing fighter pay against Bentley this weekend will be. 

It was reported that the minimum WBO purse bid for a middleweight fight at that time was $200,000. This allows us to make a solid estimate of what Dignum will make this weekend. 

Since Dignum is the challenger, he won't be earning the same as Bentley, in terms of their Bentley vs Dignum payouts. But he still should be earning a solid payday.

We believe that Danny Dignum will be receiving approximately $120,000 in boxing fighter pay for fighting against Denzel Bentley this weekend. 

Again, we just stress that these are merely our predictions about what these two boxers will be making this weekend.

So while we do believe that these number are close to accurate, the true Bentley vs Dignum prize money could be something different. 

Regardless, this middleweight war should be one that fans are eager to watch!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.