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Anthony Joshua Admits He’d Like If It Could Be Arranged AJ vs Lennox, Prime Vs Prime



Anthony Joshua Admits He’d Like If It Could Be Arranged AJ vs Lennox, Prime Vs Prime

Yeah, these guys are sometimes paid very, very heavily….but this guy Anthony Joshua, he earns it.

AJ said that he works out 7 to 8 hours a day, five days a week. “And on the weekends, I have my routine, an hour long walk, get fresh air, physio, and steam room,” he shared to DAZN USA's social media squad.

And, is he not like us, a mere mortal when it comes to decison-making at the fridge? He is! He admitted one recent cheat day, when he indulged in waffles, for the record.

More AJ—he digs Sugar Ray Leonard, from back in the day, and someone you might not have expected, Cuban Mario Kindelan.

Joshua said if he’d not be a boxer, he’d have entered a trade, like construction.

The heavyweight ace said he’s not that big a sport fan, isn’t a fanatic on other sports.

Another tidbit..when asked who’d he’d glove up with, if the time machine thing were worked out. “Lennox Lewis…prove who the best in Great Britain is,” he said.

My three cents: As I’ve soaked up more AJ during my time in London, I have to say, this guy just seems to have no rough edges. He’s confident but not cocky, he’s agreeable with press, though yes, he is pulled in so many directions it can be hard to corral him. But I now get a better sense of why the man is putting masses of asses in seats, at Wembley. He’s quite likeable.

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