Alvarez vs Munguia Purse: Record Pay For One Fighter



Alvarez vs Munguia Purse: Record Pay For One Fighter

The Alvarez vs Munguia purse will be multiple times more than one of these boxers has ever made, and just another day's work for the other — and we imagine you know which one is which. 

Alvarez vs Munguia prize money for May 4th is nothing to scoff at, and proves that Mexican boxing has never been better, as it pertains to boxing fighter pay. 

We'll be looking at the Alvarez vs Munguia payouts, letting you know how much money these fighters will make. 

Alvarez vs Munguia Purse: Has Canelo Ever Made More?

Canelo Alvarez Payout

It's no secret that Canelo Alvarez is the highest paid active boxer in the sport right now. And considering the amount of attention that all of his fights attract, Alvarez deserves every single cent that he earns. 

Reports have already confirmed what Canelo's Alvarez vs Munguia prize money will be.

Per Dan Rafael, Canelo Alvarez will make up to $35 million in boxing fighter pay for fighting against Jaime Munguia this weekend.

This amount comes as a result of a one-fight deal that Alvarez signed with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC). The new deal came after Canelo and PBC couldn't agree to a new three-fight deal.

While $35 million is an incredible amount of money to earn from one fight, Canelo has made more in his career. 

It has been reported that Alvarez made $40 million for two prior fights: his win against Caleb Plant, and his first fight against Gennadiy Golovkin.

Although Alvarez's biggest reported payday was when he earned about $45 million in the trilogy fight against Golovkin. 

Suffice to say that Canelo Alvarez has done well for himself across his boxing career. 

Jaime Munguia Payout

While Munguia hasn't made anywhere close to Canelo to this point in his 43-fight career, the Alvarez vs Munguia payouts he will earn is multiple times more than he has ever made. 

Munguia's exact prize money for this upcoming fight has not been disclosed. But we can offer a good estimate, considering what he has made in the past. 

Munguia made around $2 million against Jimmy Kelly in 2022. And it was reported that he made $1.5 million against Gabe Rosado in 2021.

In Munguia's most recent fight against John Ryder, it was reported that Munguia had a guaranteed purse of $800,000. 

Yet, none of those opponents are Canelo Alvarez. Which is why the Alvarez vs Munguia purse for Munguia will be much more. 

In fact, we believe Jaime Munguia will be earning somewhere around $8 million in Alvarez vs Munguia prize money this weekend. 

Canelo Claims He's Stopping Munguia in 8 Rounds or Less!

Prior to this weekend's bout, Canelo Alvarez has made a bold claim that he'll be knocking Munguia out in 8 rounds or less. 

Canelo is never short on confidence. Yet, the prospect of him knocking out an undefeated fighter within the first half of their fight is shocking, to say the least. 

Then again, Canelo has shocked the boxing world multiple times before. 

And if he does so again this weekend, we expect his boxing fighter pay to skyrocket even more for his next fight. 

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