Adrien Broner and Promoter Don King To Announce Next Broner Bout



Adrien Broner and Promoter Don King To Announce Next Broner Bout

Adrien Broner, who insists he's been on the straight and narrow, and that he's ditched his bad boy lifestyle, featuring drinking, partying and acting foolish at times, will return to the ring. His new promoter is Don King, after AB's stint with BLK Prime fizzled. It is promised that on Saturday, we will be told of Broner's next bout.

Broner holds a 34-4-1, 24 KOs record, and to be honest, most all hardcores believe he is not a shell of what he promised to be ten years ago.

Broner last gloved up on Feb. 20. 2021, taking on journeyman level Jovanie Santiago. AB won a UD12 but didn't look very good in doing so.

Before that, his last fight came against Manny Pacquiao, in 2019, and his performance in that tango was tepid at best.

Adrien Broner Boasts Of Belts, But Titles Too Easy To Come By

The fact that he is the WBO World Super Featherweight Champion, WBC World Lightweight Champion, WBA World Welterweight Champion and WBA Super Lightweight Champion doesn't impress hardcores all that much, because they know that in this dilution era, belts are not too hard to come by, with the right connections.

But, stranger things have happened than seeing a 33 year old man see the light, renounce his self destructive ways, and get back on track personally and vocationally.

The BLK Prime stint was generally chaotic, with Broner's visions of big bank going down the tubes pretty fast. He was going to fight Hank Lundy, or Ivan Redkach, or Michael Williams, but the plans didn't materialize.

Read this account from Redkach which laid out his stance on how his fight with Broner came apart.

Check out this NYF story delving into the disintegration of Broner v Michael Williams.

So, anyway, he and BLK parted ways, and King came into the picture.

Could Broner Pull Off A Comeback As A Legit Title Shot Contender?

So…Is there proof that Adrien Broner is no longer burning the candle at both ends and the middle?

Well, he pretty much erased his whole Instagram, which contained a sordid mix of evidence that his mental health is precarious, at best, at times.

Adrien Broner posted this testament to his belief in self on Instagram, where he has 1.1M followers

Adrien Broner posted this testament to his belief in self on Instagram, where he has 1.1M followers

Does Broner have that turnaround in him? History would suggest no, he seems to be a person destined for a flameout, or a sad slide into ignominy.

But who would have thought that at 91, Don King would still be promoting?

Yes, it is possible that Adrien Broner could conjure some of that old “magic,” and prove that he's not simply yet another what could have been story. I wouldn't bet on it, with your money, but one should give Broner props for staying in the fight.

Here's the thing: Once he's proven his in-ring skills have diminished noticeably, his usefulness to others will cease, and then it could get very ugly. Because while he's of a certain caliber as a pugilist, there will be people, some of whom are self serving enablers, invested in him staying away from foolishness. But when he's washed, the number of people who care and would be inclined to help will decline.

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