A Moment Of Silence For The Passing of a Friend



A Moment Of Silence For The Passing of a Friend

Some very sad news in the boxing space–Cynthia Saldana from Supreme Boxing has passed away due to COVID.

Nancy Rodriguez from the WBC posted the tragic news on Tuesday, and today, our shared space felt a loss of light.

Cynthia and her husband, Anthony “Stacks” Saldana, covered many fights through the Southern California region, and in Las Vegas. Cynthia, residing in Apple Valley, California, was recently recognized for this outstanding picture she captured of Manny Pacquiao after his July 2019 win over Keith Thurman.

Cynthia was a very kind and warm hearted women who ALWAYS made it a point to speak to everyone within the boxing media circles and provide any type of support she could.

I had the pleasure of spending time with her and her husband on many occasions and it always felt genuine when around them.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family, son Jacob, grandson Matty and her husband Anthony during this extremely difficult time.


A GoFundMe account has been started to defray costs for funeral services. Anthony is still battling COVID himself, and is not able to work, so it is imperative the boxing community rises to the occasion.

Rest in paradise, Cynthia.

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