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You’ll Be Missed, Harold Lederman



You’ll Be Missed, Harold Lederman

“I just met Donald Trump and he's gonna run for president. I think we should run for cover,”  said Harold Lederman, HBO unofficial judge and officially decent.

I liked him.

He took a ringside seat directly across from me for Gennady Golovkin Vs David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden in October 2015. He had no idea who I was as he stated his truth, unabashedly, to no one in particular, with arms flailing and a Ringling Brothers kind of smile.

You were around him and it felt like the circus. He didn't care if he was a contender on the “Network of Champions” so long as nobody confused him with a pretender. 

I miss HBO Boxing; now I know it's really gone.

I last saw him in December 2017 after Sadam Ali upset Miguel Cotto. Before I could extend my hand for a shake,  he goes: “Whatta ya doin here? I told you we should run for cover!”

You'll be missed, Harold.  I think Bert Cooper would agree.


Once in awhile

We lose a loved one in our lives

Perhaps we might

Decide to think about the times that we once had

When life was a rock

Reduced to ask

We think of good times

That make us sad

Makes you wonder if they knew how much we cared

There'll never be another them

The consequences of a loss

Is pain if you forget

He told them: If I die, one more time

Can you tell me you love me?

When the night goes away and the

starts to fade, will you stay?

Let me know that you still care about me

If I die, one more time

Please tell me you love me

Show me you care enough 2 say 3 words

Even if I hear them once every


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