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GATLING: Anthony Joshua Is Scared of Deontay Wilder



GATLING: Anthony Joshua Is Scared of Deontay Wilder

Anthony Joshua is scared of Deontay Wilder

Please, what have you

I will Breaze through Matthews

Bleed if I have to

You coward die a thousand death's

Fake f∆ck

Face down on ya housing steps

Are you even getting this message?

I ain't being aggressive, but

If you testing my life

That's it, I gotta answer, gotta

Cut off da cancer

–JAY-Z, People Talk


AJ… Pull ya pants up. Yo ask is showing. How you want it? Said my niggaz don't dance, we just pull up our pants and… do Da ROC away. 

We saw you wearing the Yankee for “Big Baby.” You're a Hip/Hop connoisseur. Tell us if you're kinda sore you needed seven rounds for “Trouble” to hit the floor. WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40KOs) went “Bomb Squad!” on Dominic Breazeale (20-2, 18KOs) in less than one.

We know he probably didn't deserve a Draw with an in-form and in-his-prime lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, in as much as you got dropped and escaped an ancient all-time great Wladimir Klitschko via thrilling 11th round TKO. We're glad Wilder's one-punch detonation of Breazeale didn't put a hole in his dome, but Swiss cheese the head of Andy Ruiz like a fan in Green Bay and make sure you call out Deontay. Because if you're not scared of Wilder, then either DAZN, Eddie Hearn or the Queen of England is.

Make the fucking fight.

🥊 🥊 🥊

“Then there’s the issue of his weight. In November 2017, a nearly 221 lb Deontay Wilder damn near killed Bermane Stiverne. I was at Kovalev V Mikhalkin in March at MSG on the night he fought Luis Ortiz, but for that contest he was rocked before setting off “Bomb Squad.”  He weighed the same 212 lbs on that evening that he did the other night. If a properly trained Wilder shows up for Fury in April, May or June for the rematch, I have a hard time seeing Fury – for all the adulation he’s received, making it past two or three rounds next time. Just a few thoughts. But round 13 has already gone to Team Wilder.”

Excerpt from “Deontay Wilder Goes in on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury“, December 2018

Wilder was in perfect condition on Saturday night, and I'll stand by what I said a few months back. That was no phantom Mike Tyson Vs Bruce Seldon knockout that wasn't. No. Dominic Breazeale — a tough guy with a solid beard who came to win — got KTFO, by the singularly most destructive heavyweight champion in the history of the division. He'll never make Boxing 101 videos, and as his namesake suggests, he's… Wild. But for the foreseeable short term future, if he weighs anywhere between 223-225 lbs, he'll stop any heavyweight in the current RING Top 10. 

True story I'm bringing the T-back. Even Tyson Fury was forced to lean back. 

“Anyone who wants to go toe-to-toe with Wilder will have the same fate as Dominic Breazeale and his 40 other victims,” admitted the “Gypsy King”, after watching the “Bronze Bomber” put Breazeale in a replica of the TROUBLE stitched on his shorts at 2:17 of the first to keep him there. And then there was this…

“Anthony Joshua, you’ll get it as well. The same thing will happen to you.”

It would. All Team Wilder would need to do is mirror the physical regimen for Breazeale and make Wilder watch vintage footage of the very underrated all-time great Lennox Lewis, who would have destroyed the aforementioned Klitschko. AJ is way too mechanical and needs WD40 sprayed damn near everywhere. I'm ready to be proven wrong; and I know Al Haymon, Shelly Finkel, Showtime VP of Sports Stephen Espinoza and their entire broadcasting team want what the fans want: an undisputed heavyweight champion. But you know what we have in the division now? Marinating steaks. Tyson Fury is now in the refrigerator of Bob Arum. The Bobfather ain't bout that charcoal life folks. Hearn seems to be keen on temperature, believing he has something rare in Joshua and wants to wait until Wilder is well done.

That's all he was on Saturday night at Barclays.

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