Jake Paul vs Tyrone Woodley: Reviewing Other YouTube Boxers In Recent Years



Jake Paul vs Tyrone Woodley: Reviewing Other YouTube Boxers In Recent Years

With the full card still yet to be announced for the match between the Internet star Jake Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley, many are wondering who will fill the spare places. In recent events featuring YouTube creators, the undercard has surprisingly been stacked with respectable fighters, capitalising on the impressive streaming figures brought in by the content creators’ notoriety online.

Billy Joe Saunders, Tommy Fury and Devin Haney are just some of the names that featured on previous undercards, but there is always that underlying doubt regarding YouTubers and boxing.

While the main purpose of the event is to demonstrate Paul’s increasing ability in the ring, even though he comes in as a massive underdog against Woodley, you can expect the card to have some celebrity involvement one way or the other.

Bookies will certainly be licking their lips seeing the previous pay-per-view numbers and the amount of people scanning the latest 2. Since 2018 there has been a surge of YouTube boxers so read on as we evaluate the best and the worst.

Logan Paul
The older brother of Jake, despite his controversies, Logan Paul looks to have matured in recent years. The 26-year-old podcaster was granted a professional boxing license in 2018 to fight KSI, a British YouTuber and musician. Although Paul drew the first fight, then lost the rematch, he looked to possess some real firepower.

He also participated in a charity skills bout with Floyd Mayweather, earning a draw but being on the back foot for the majority of the fight.

Standing at 6’2”, Paul was agile and landed some sleek combinations. It looks like Paul has chosen to step away from boxing now, and while he didn’t look capable of competing against other professionals, his performances definitely turned the heads of a few boxing traditionalists.

Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, better known by his online persona AnEsonGib or simply Gib, was one of the pioneers of the YouTube boxing platform. His humble but dedicated audience of a few thousand paled in comparison to the millions amassed by the Paul brothers and their cult following which stretches to the millions.

However, Gib did earn a shot against Jake Paul where he was humiliated in just 90 seconds! He has had other lowkey fights which haven’t touched a big audience again but with his work rate and stamina he can begin to rebuild his reputation in the YouTube boxing circuit.

It is hard to put into words how to describe KSI. He built an online presence by playing Xbox games over a decade ago and now is a chart-topping musician and multi-millionaire.

Before rising to full-fledged stardom, the YouTuber participated in an amateur boxing match against fellow content creator Joe Weller, which proved to be a watershed moment in the community.

After the fight began trending on Twitter it was clear to see there was a space for it, and with crowds slowly dwindling at some professional boxing events, it was inevitable a big promoter would capitalise on the opportunity.

Matchroom Boxing began to promote future events and thanks to KSI and Weller essentiality swinging at each other relentlessly for 12 minutes in a hall, other YouTube stars now have the opportunity to headline events with audiences in the millions.