Don King: I Am A Promoter Of The People, By The People, And For The People



Don King: I Am A Promoter Of The People, By The People, And For The People

Don King is back promoting a heavyweight championship fight and during yesterday's media zoom call, he was sharp as a tack. The ninety-year-old promoter was holding court and reminded everyone on why he has been in the business so long and has been involved in the sport's biggest fights. He was there to promote his card and that he did which was filled with some sound bites. Check the release below for quotes by Don King and the fighters involved in the main event.

WBA Heavyweight Champion Trevor Bryan will defend his title against Jonathan Guidry on Saturday, Jan. 29, at the W.D. Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio.  Don King Promotions will present a six-championship fight card.  Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster or the W.D. Packard Music Hall.  The tickets will be priced at $550, $350, $250, $175, and $80. The fight card will be televised through, or beginning at 7 p.m. ET at a cost of $49.99.

DON KING: International Boxing Hall of Fame Promoter

On staging this event at the W.D. Packard Hall in Warren, Ohio:

“It is going to be a great, super night of boxing. There will be six championship fights and two world titles. We are going to put fun back into boxing. It is going to super, spectacular greatness. We are going to enjoy ourselves again and not be ruined by Covid.”

On Trevor Bryan vs. Jonathan Guidry:

“It is going to be a great fight because you have two undefeated fighters coming together. It gives the fans an opportunity to get some relief momentarily from all of the threats of Covid.”

On Guidry:

“That’s what makes boxing great. Neither of these guys have tasted defeat. Give the people what they want. People are my most important asset. We want to give back to the people.”

On Bryan being rusty after not fighting for a year:

“The WBA has more or less held us hostage, not intentionally, but by the rules they have. It locked Trevor down for a whole year. If Guidry wins, he will be ready to go right off the bat.”

Don King held the zoom live from his office.

On staging this event on Jan. 29 in Warren, Ohio:

“I am a promoter of the people, by the people, and for the people. The magic lies in my people ties. I promote the people.”

On having W.D. Packard Hall as the host:

“We wanted to have a homecoming. Warren is not too far from the training camps where you had Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Larry Holmes. It is great to be coming home again.”

On when he is going to slow down:

“I will slow down when I go to heaven. The gangsters blew up my car, my house. I am fighting a crooked system where women cannot get their rights and equality, and Black people cannot get a chance. That is why I have been fighting since I came out of the penitentiary.”

“Ali came in and brought five or six guys to Cleveland, Ohio, to start me off with boxing. I was running numbers in Cleveland.”

“I am a cat with nine lives. I have been challenged nine times, and I am still here.”

“We are all God’s children. He has a reason for me to be there. We want to establish a program to help all these homeless people here. They have lost their spirit. There is nothing wrong with them. They have lost hope in America. We want to preach elevation.”

On being associated with Bryan and his unique attributes:

“Bryan has the spirit of a winner. He has unwavering dedication. The dream is going to come true. Everybody can see that he cares about people and his family. That is what comes from hard work and commitment. This is what he really wants. He is in the right place at the right time.”

On his 2022 plans for Bryan:

“He (Bryan) is ready to fight anybody. We will take on anybody. We may take them all in the same night. We want to be able to demonstrate and illustrate that a champion is a champion. We want Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder. I put on a fight to give the people what they want. We have a champion here. This demonstrates to the public that Bryan is a champion. It makes me feel good to go back to where I started in Ohio. We are going to be home and safe.”

On coming back to Ohio:

“I never really left. My physical being left to the great state of Florida and Nevada. Both (late Nevada Senator) Harry Reid and I come from humble beginnings and worked hard for the betterment of the American people. It will be good to go home. That is where the memories came from. You never forget where you came from.”

TREVOR BRYAN: WBC Heavyweight World Champion

On it being a year since his last fight, and if he has more to lose than Guidry:

“It has been a hard year for everyone, especially everybody in boxing. We have been diligent, staying in the gym, working hard. We are going to show the world why I am the champion on Jan. 29. I have a great opponent in front of me. I am going to do what champions do.”

Trevor Bryan is currently the WBA Regular Heavyweight Champion.

On preparing for Guidry:

“We don’t really worry about what opponents do. We worry about what the Dream Team does best. I plan to capitalize on that.”

On what he must do to get fights against opponents like Tyson Fury:

“After this fight, everybody is going to be shouting my name. I am not worried about that. Boxing people know who Trevor Bryan is. I am here to stay. I am here to fight the best. I am the best. I am the champion.”

On deciding to go with Don King as a promoter:

“When I first signed with Don King, he showed me all the champions he made. I told him that day that I am going to be a champion myself, so you can add me to this list, and here I am now. I am building my own legacy. We continue to still win, to look good. I can’t wait for these blockbuster fights that are coming up soon.”

On British heavyweight boxer Daniel DuBois wanting to fight Bryan in 2022:

“I am the champion. I am a fighter. I love to fight. Whenever I sign my name on the dotted line, I am ready to go. Everybody is supposed to come for me. Everybody is supposed to speak my name. Trevor Bryan is a true champion, and we want to see him in there with the best.”

On the renaissance of the heavyweight division and the pressure he feels to be sensational on Jan. 29:

“There is no pressure at all. I am the heavyweight champion as well. Trevor Bryan is here to stay. I am here to defend this title with the best. I am going to be sensational.”

On fighting Jonathan Guidry in 2011:

“You’re telling me I fought Jonathan Guidry before? Transferring from my amateur career to my professional career, it is a brand-new platform. I am here now. I am the champion now. I am willing to fight anybody, especially if I fought them before. I would fight them again just to show that I am the man. I am the truth. The Dream is the dream. I am here to stay, and I am here to show that this legacy starts here. It starts to show with these great fights. This is a second-time duo. I’m coming to show that.”

On how important his level of training and conditioning has been for this fight:

“It’s cold in Ohio, but we are going to turn up the heat on Jan. 29. Hopefully, I can get this man out there early. I do not get paid for overtime.”

JONATHAN GUIDRY: Undefeated WBA No. 13-Ranked Heavyweight

On Trevor Bryan:

“Trevor is pretty good. He has a good jab, but I do not think he is one of the elite heavyweights. We have a better shot against him.”

On whether any of Bryan’s previous opponents stand out:

“It takes a lot to get in the ring, so I know he (Bryan) is prepared. He has not had a really big fight against a top heavyweight, but neither have I. It is a good test for both of us to see who deserves it.”

Jonathan Guidry is looking to win a version of the heavyweight title.

On fighting Bryan in 2011 as an amateur:

“We fought at the Golden Gloves nationals in Indiana. He is a big guy and has a really good jab.”

On being a different fighter since he fought Bryan in the amateurs.

“We have had a lot more fights now. I was kind of smaller then. Now I am at 250. I am a lot smarter, a lot faster on my feet and a lot stronger.”

On being the underdog:

“No one has had the world title from [Houma] Louisiana where I am from. It is a big opportunity for me to really show my talent and that I really can fight. I am really strong. I don’t think it is going to go the distance, but we prepared ourselves for that just in case it goes that way.”

On what to expect from the Bryan fight:

“I don’t think anybody is going to make it past the seventh or eighth round.”

On facing someone who is undefeated:

“I am the underdog, so they might be overlooking me. He (Bryan) might be overlooking me, which I hope. We are going to shock him.”

On the differences between fighting as an MMA fighter as opposed to boxing:

“I am not too much on MMA. I did it one time. I prefer boxing to MMA. Boxing is more of a mental game. MMA is more luck. You have to set this up, that up. Boxing is more mental than physical to me.”

On being on a card promoted by Boxing Hall of Famer Don King:

“Not a lot of people can say they fought on a Don King card. I am glad he has given me the opportunity to fight for the world title. Like Don says, he loves giving the people the opportunity to show their talent. Without that opportunity, I would still be on a shrimp boat.”


On fighting for the WBA heavyweight crown and his thoughts on Guidry:

“We just enjoy the opportunity. We saw the talent Guidry had, the boxing IQ, the power, the whole package. We are excited to have this opportunity.”