YouTube and Influencer Boxers Aren’t the Circus, In Fact



YouTube and Influencer Boxers Aren’t the Circus, In Fact

Boxing is a sport that produces moments that are both unforgettable and unbelievable. For every Hagler-Hearns and Gatti-Ward shaped positive there are unfortunately negative positives, no I’m not talking about COVID 19, I’m talking PEDs.

Whilst a Sheikh is working away in Abu Dhabi planning an event headlined by recently shamed Conor Benn it was his former welterweight colleague in arms Amir Khan who made the headlines as he too “unknowingly” took performance enhancing drugs.

“I've never cheated,” Khan told Sky Sports News. “But I've got a two-year ban now, which is quite strange and funny because I'm already retired anyway.” Yes, Amir. Very funny.

Fighters failing anti doping tests is no longer surprising, and at this rate will be the norm in years to come with next to no repercussions to follow failures. What is alarming is the fact it has taken over a year to come to the public knowledge.

Whether it’s come from handshakes or too many eggs, it needs to stop.

Boxing never ceases to amaze as it didn’t stop there on this Doomsday of boxing news. As the sun set in Britain news had surfaced that the fight schedule had lost a world title fight when Ellie Scotney revealed her fight with Cherneka Johnson will no longer take place on the undercard of Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron, and the latter of the main event is to blame.

The undisputed light-welterweight champion, Cameron, was formerly embroiled in a battle with former coach, Shane McGuigan, who now trains Scotney. It is thought to be due to the fashion the two fell out is behind the request that Scotney, and more so McGuigan, do not work on the show. To make it clear, a management team have destroyed a young woman’s dream to fight for a world title on the undercard of her heroine, Katie Taylor, because they don’t like her trainer.

Why has Matchroom allowed this to happen? How much power does said management team have over Eddie Hearn and co? What next for Scotney? Can she trust in her promoter?

And they said KSI, Jake Paul and the rest of the influencer clan were the circus…