Where To Bet On Boxing Matchups



Where To Bet On Boxing Matchups

Unless you’re not interested in sports, you must have seen Floyd Mayweather in one of his recent boxing bouts. His success and rise in popularity over the last decade have made boxing among the most popular sports that punters bet on. Betting on the sport not allows you to feel like part of the sport, but it also gives you the chance to make money from your boxing knowledge.

While boxing betting may be on the rise, not all bookies offer odds on boxing matches. Even worse, some bookies offer very low odds on boxing markets. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. These top three bookies are the best places you can wager on boxing matchups on the internet today. Consider these if and when Floyd Mayweather comes back in 2020.


With the most updated boxing markets and the latest odds, betting on boxing has never been easier. Today, 2 allows you to experience the greatest knockouts and the biggest struggles through a user-friendly interface, with solid odds to make sure you break even. 

Betway is among the few sports gambling sites that take boxing seriously, offering the most competitive chances on the web. You can wager through their fully-optimized and mobile-compatible site or download their app on Android or iOS.

Pinnacle Sportsbook

When betting on boxing Pinnacle can be the best sports bookie on the internet today.

However, they don’t accept American punters, so only those living outside the U.S can enjoy their offers. Nonetheless, they offer solid odds and feature almost all major boxing matches globally. More importantly, there are no delays in the payouts.

Why These Sites?

It’s normal to wonder why you should trust these three sites over any other bookmaker out there. Well, here’s why we hand-picked these bookies.

  • Competitive Lines

It’s important to choose a site that offers the most competitive lines on all boxing bouts to maximize your profits. However, boxing betting lines aren’t always equal across all betting sites. 

  • Safety and Security

Each of the sites listed in this article has excellent security and data protection measures, ensuring that you don’t lose cash or personal data. Unlike other online gambling sites out there, these three trustworthy sites don’t share data with other third-parties for marketing or promotional reasons. More importantly, they all use, they maintain, military-grade encryption protocols to transmit data to and from their servers.

  • Ease of Use

Nobody likes to feel frustrated or lost when placing a wager on any website no matter how good their offerings may be, especially when you’re in a hurry to execute something. That’s why our top picks are all user-friendly platforms that are very easy to use, according to a majority of their patrons.

  • Quality Customer Service

Customer service is one of the key areas that most punters overlook until they encounter a problem that needs the bookie’s attention. These sites insist their agents will handle your issue professionally.