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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Vinny Paz Still In The Boxing Game



He was a quite charismatic pugilist, who made the most of his talents, and whose exploits will live that much longer, after Hollywood gave him the A list treatment, with the movie “Bleed For This.”

Vinny Paz, who used to be known as Vinny “Pazienza,” did a hit on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast,(17:37 mark) and he was, no big surprise, still a card.

The 56 year old ex hitter, who won a title at lightweight, fought back from a broken neck, and then grabbed a strap at junior middleweight, is the fighting pride, still of Rhode Island. He is soon to be inducted into the Nevada State Boxing Hall of Fame, and so we talked about where he’s been, and what he’s now up to. “Persistence and perseverance, that’s what life’s all about…Everything’s cool, you know I lead a wild life, although it might not seem that way, my life’s crazy, because literally, I started boxing when I was five years old, because I loved Muhammad Ali. That made my life crazy!”

He said he just came back to Rhode Island, from Florida, where he was training the fighter going by Roberto Duran Jr. aka Alcibiade Duran Galvan, who might be fighting on the June 7 fight card which will piggy-back with the Canastota Hall call.

Vinny Paz is still in boxing, he's training now and has a prospect who might be a chip off the old block.

Vinny Paz is still in boxing, he’s training now and has a prospect who might be a chip off the old block.

Paz will enjoy getting into the Nevada State Boxing Hall of Fame, August 9-10, along with Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, Wayne “Pocket Rocket” McCullough, Hasim “The Rock” Rahman, Leroy “Irish” Haley and non-Nevada boxers Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, Ronald “Winky” Wright, Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez, Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Paz, “Terrible” Terry Norris and “Schoolboy” Bobby Chacon. To be honest, Paz didn’t know who he’d be entering that Hall with.

Yes, he’s still a crackup; he told us that in the “Bleed” movie, he wishes producers had gotten one element more historically accurate. More of the ladies he was with in the film should have had bigger boobs, he relayed to us. In his life, he’s spent over $100,000, he told us, on chest augmentations for his friends.

Miles Teller played Vinny Paz in the 2016 bio-pic.

Miles Teller played Vinny Paz in the 2016 bio-pic.

The ex hitter said yeah, he had a good time, but he did train his tail off. “I gave my blood, sweat and tears for my fans…I gave them what they wanted to see,” he said.

And the Duran kid, is he a chip off the old block? “His father was an animal of boxing, he was devastating…you know, his kid is really good, really good, he’s got pop like his father, heavy handed…I hold the pads for him sometimes and I’m like ‘holy shit’…It’s totally genetic, it’s an odd happening,” Paz continued.

There you go, Paz is still lightly crazy after all these years.

Editor/publisher Michael Woods became addicted to boxing in 1990, when Buster Douglas shocked the world with his demolition of the fearsome Mike Tyson. The Brooklyn-based journalist Woods has covered the sport since then, for ESPN The Magazine,, ESPN New York, RING, and he was editor of from 2007-2015. Woods is also an accomplished blow by blow and color man, having done work for Top Rank, DiBella Entertainment, EPIX, and numerous other organizations.