What Boxing Might Learn from The Pandemic



What Boxing Might Learn from The Pandemic

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, made impact in late November of 2019, and has touched almost the whole world now.

More than 26 million cases have been reported and 867,000 plus reportedly have died from the virus.

The world economy has been impacted and no business sector is untouched by the virus' reach. Sports and the entertainment world are still reacting to the pandemic, and the boxing world is no exception. No professional boxing events were organized as the plague made strides in March into April, then May. UFC, meanwhile, led by hard charger Dana White, wanted to get back to business, so the MMA giant had cards unfolding in Florida, and then on their “Fight Island.” Boxing, by and large, played it a bit safer.

We all hope lessons will be learned from this virus, and that world leaders will know how they could react better to such a virulent force, when the dust, still being kicked up, settles. Here are some takeaways, things we in the pugilism sphere learned, and we hope will be learned, from the pandemic.

Importance of Technology

Technological strides have been immense in the last 20 years and after this pandemic, this trend may well accelerate that much harder. The boxing world will better know how to organize fights without fans packing in to watch and we think the focus will be on how to reach the maximum audience with the latest technology.

Training at Home

Most of the professional boxers and the superstars of the sport, like Canelo, have shown through their social media accounts that they are doing everything they can to be fit and training hard at home. Plenty of people are enjoying vaping at their home and taking a mini-vacation during this lockdown, too,  but the boxing world has proved that training at home is also possible through video conferencing and with online guidance.

Content is the King

Boxing has always known that content is the king. Although trash talking at press conferences and furious faceoffs at weigh-ins are basically the tactics to boost the hype level of the fight, these tactics may diminish in the near future, without so many fans present. So, the content of the main fight will emerge as the proper focus point.

Fans Don’t Need Arena to Enjoy the Fight

Since most of the fans will not prefer to attend events in order to maintain social distancing, boxing culture will understand that the fans can enjoy the fight direct from their home or while on the go through their smartphones. Live online streaming of the fights and PPVs is already popular among fans but the rule of the empty arena may boost the import of on-demand streaming of combat sports.

Boxing Will Be Even More Global Post This Pandemic

Boxing was already a big sport worldwide before the pandemic and we think it will see even more growth after this pandemic as well. More engagement of technology in boxing will make it so boxing can reach places where it was impossible to do so earlier. The top boxers are already a big brand with the help of social media and savvy athlete-marketers are attracting more viewers in the time of lockdown. So, boxing will (hopefully) learn that there is a chance of increased development, even during the tough times.