Usyk vs Dubois Prediction Time: Ukrainian Hitter Favored



Usyk vs Dubois Prediction Time: Ukrainian Hitter Favored

Usyk vs Dubois prediction time is now. One man, Oleksandr Usyk, holder of a WBA heavyweight title,  is a super skilled ring general who rarely loses rounds. The other, Daniel Dubois, is a big lad with power, an iffy chin and, yes, a puncher's chance to get the W in Poland on Saturday, August 26.

Check out what the NYFIGHTS crew and extended fam think about this contest, which screens on ESPN+.

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GAYLE FALKENTHAL: It’s not entirely fair to call Oleksandr Usyk’s mandatory defense of his WBA world heavyweight title Saturday against Daniel Dubois a stay-busy fight. But the skilled Ukrainian has settled in nicely into the heavyweight division and should not be seriously threatened by Dubois.

Dubois possesses the power to capitalize if Usyk makes a mistake. But he wasn't dropped by hard shots from Anthony Joshua.

Usyk is highly motivated to deliver an inspiring performance for his country during Ukraine's Independence Day weekend. There will be a large Ukrainian audience in Poland and around the world. Usyk takes this role seriously. But if you saw how loose and happy he was to be in the ring during media day this week, he doesn't seem to have a nervous bone in his body.

Usyk vs Dubois prediction time

Yeah, no, this guy isn't succumbing to nerves.

Usyk vs Dubois prediction: will do his best to stop Dubois, but it will be an attrition-style TKO in the championship rounds – call it round 11.

COLIN MORRISON: The gulf in ability between the boxers is just too great. Dubois will give a good account of himself, but in doing so will absorb too many shots as Usyk will counter at speed and from angles he has never seen before.

The result will be a beating which is stopped towards the end. Usyk TKO 10 is my Usyk vs Dubois prediction for this one.

Usyk vs dubois prediction time, all pick Usyk

Stranger things have happened than the puncher landing a stunner shot. Can Daniel Dubois do the improbable?

MATTHEW AGUILAR: Dubois has power, but you need more than power to beat a versatile machine like Usyk. The Usyk vs Dubois prediction: Ukrainian will set a fast pace and wear Dubois down for a dominant 10th round TKO.

Usyk vs Dubois Prediction Time: More Usyk Picks

MATTHEW POMARA: The reigning heavyweight champion of the world Oleksandr Usyk will be in action today, defending his Ring Magazine Championship and the cacophony of the alphabet gang’s belts he currently holds against Daniel Dubois, of England.

The Ring Magazine Championship represents the true lineage of the title and Usyk is the current holder after Tyson Fury’s abdication. The Ukrainian was also the undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Usyk will come in as the overwhelming favorite to win his heavyweight title defense against a game but limited Dubois in Wroclaw, Poland. This will only be his fifth fight at heavyweight.

He has looked dominant at times, especially against former boxing kingpin Anthony Joshua, convincingly outpointing him in two contests, he also scored a knockout against fringe contender Chazz Witherspoon and outpointed an overmatched Derek Chisora.

Usyk will be battling a legitimate heavyweight in 6’5” 240+ pound Daniel Dubois. Dubois is a young and powerful puncher with a knockout streak in his last four fights. Punching power will be his only path to victory. He will need to land big shots early and often if he is to have a chance against Usyk, who is a master of distance control and counter punching.

Usyk vs Dubois

Usyk win streak should continue

This is a good test for Usyk to see he how he handles a much larger power puncher and could lay the blueprint for a showdown with Deontay Wilder or boxing’s penultimate contest the long-awaited unification fight with Tyson Fury.

He will need to use his superior skills and experience to outbox Dubois. Using his vast arsenal to eventually wear down the young challenger. Dubois will have his moments, but it is highly unlikely he will be able to sustain any kind of pace against Usyk.

Here are some thoughts on how the fight will progress:

* Early rounds: Dubois will come out aggressive and try to land his powerful left hand. Usyk will use his superior boxing skills and jab to keep Dubois at bay.
* Mid-rounds: Usyk will start to take control of the fight. He will land more punches and start to wear Dubois down.
* Later rounds: Dubois will become increasingly frustrated as he is unable to land his punches. Usyk will continue to control the fight and eventually take the big Brit out in the late rounds.

Look for Usyk to face some adversity but eventually force Dubois to submit to his superior boxing skills. Usyk vs Dubois prediction: Usyk by late 10th round KO.

RANDY GORDON: I think Daniel Dubois will turn in a fine performance, but fall short in losing a decision to the winner and still champion, Oleksandr Usyk.

Usyk vs Dubois Prediction Time: Everyone Likes the Ukrainian

AARON BRASON-STEWART: Dubois is a big underdog going into this fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

Dubois has the power to knock him out but only if he can land. Dubois will have to set the pace of the fight and get Usyk's respect early landing big shots, getting up close and sitting on his chest and using his strength and size to try and bully Usyk similar to how Chisora fought him.

Dubois hasn't fought anyone close to Usyk's level which will become apparent in this fight. However, this is heavyweight boxing so all he needs to do is land one big right hand.

Ultimately, I see Usyk having too much skill and ring IQ for Dubois and he will use his movement and punch selection to nullify the heavy-handed Brit and emerge victorious.  With a potential undisputed fight with Tyson Fury in the future, Usyk will not underestimate Dubois but will rather put on a one-sided boxing masterclass proving why he is levels above Dubois. I see Usyk earning a late stoppage rounds 10 – 12 is my Usyk vs Dubois prediction.

MARIANO AGMI: I’ve seen the Social Media propaganda about Daniel Dubois being too young, strong, big and powerful for Usyk, but I think the difference in this fight will be Usyk’s ring IQ, speed and superior boxing skills.

Dubois was dropped 3 times in his last fight against a guy who is not a big puncher and has suffered a few injuries of late.

Looking at Dubois’ record, he lost his biggest fight and I’m not convinced that a win against the likes of Trevor Bryant has prepared him for the best pure boxer in the division.

Dubois will look to throw a hard jab and impose his size, but Usyk is a pound for pound great and will adapt to anything Dubois tries.  Usyk vs Dubois prediction: I think Usyk wins this one by wide decision.

ERNIE GREEN: Dubois has a punchers chance if Usyk stands in front of him and admires his work, but he’s not really wired like that. Usyk 9th round TKO.

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