Terri Moss hosts 15th Annual Atlanta Corporate Fight Night On Oct 13



Terri Moss hosts 15th Annual Atlanta Corporate Fight Night On Oct 13

On October 13th, former world champion and Women's Hall of Fame inductee Terri Moss will be hosting the 15th annual Atlanta Corporate Fight Night (ACFN) at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, GA. ACFN is an amateur boxing event that showcases white-collar professionals willing to step into the squared circle to raise money for a charitable cause.

In 2010, Moss coupled her experience in boxing with her passion for helping people in need and created the first annual ACFN. Throughout the years, Atlanta Corporate Fight Night has morphed into a total boxing production sanctioned by USA Boxing. It has raised thousands of dollars for numerous charities. I attended last year's event, and the show wasn't any different than what you would see on a televised professional boxing card. There were cameras, sound, and lighting crews. A local voice personality served as the announcer. The WBC streamed the event on their website, and their announcing team provided ringside commentary for the viewers at home. Former and current world champions were in attendance. The black-tie event drew hundreds of raucous fans wearing their best suits and evening dresses to support the fighters representing their businesses.

This event has come a long way from its humble beginnings in its fifteenth year. Terri recounts some of the hardships she experienced in making ACFN what it is today.

“I was the first one to bring it (ACFN) back then. I remember how much I had to fight with the LBCs (Local Boxing Committees) and USA Boxing to get special approval to do this kind of show. I even got shut down by the state commission because they thought I was doing unsanctioned fights. It took a lot to get it off the ground, so there is a lot to celebrate,” said Moss.

Because it is a sanctioned event, the participants must register with USA Boxing, attend eight to ten weeks of training camp, and seriously conduct themselves as fighters in preparation.

“They feel all the pressures, experience and all the fears that come along with stepping into the ring, plus work their jobs,” said Moss about the participants. Moss continued, “it's business people who are fighting each other to raise money for charity. They want to feel like a prizefighter for one big night. They go through a 10-week training program. Additionally, they got to go out there and raise money just like fighters get out there and sell tickets for club shows. It also introduces people to boxing, and we need new fans for our sport”.

Moss is an ambassador for the sport of boxing. In addition to being the mastermind behind ACFN, Moss owns and is the head trainer of the Buckhead Fight Club in Atlanta, GA. So, Terri is always looking for ways to shine a positive light on boxing. Fans can expect sixteen bouts on this card. In addition to business professionals fighting, Moss will showcase some local amateur boxers.

“I'm also putting some really good amateurs on, and I'm also putting some kids on the cards. This is just to let people see that this sport gets kids involved. A lot of people have a misconception about boxing, especially if they have never been exposed to it so it's good to give the kids some exposure. Evander Holyfield's son, Evan, fought on a couple of the ACFN cards. Malik Montgomery, an Atlanta-based boxer trained by Kenny Porter, fought on ACFN before. We put those guys in there because it gives them a chance to have that big stage feel. It feels like a pro boxing card,” said Moss proudly.

Each year Moss donates the proceeds to a different charity. This year's proceeds will be donated to Hoodies for The Homeless. According to their mission statement, Hoodies for The Homeless is “a non-profit organization and cultural movement using music, fashion, and art to bring awareness to the issues of homelessness and inspiring community participation through the collection of hoodies at live music events.”

Moss is excited to work with Hoodies for The Homeless and do her part to help ease some of the hardships experienced by Atlanta's homeless population. “We have a bad homeless problem in Atlanta. So, it's nice to get out there and help the homeless,” said Moss. Terri continued, “Sometimes I take my boxers out to help. One night, we made a bunch of sandwiches and handed them out to the homeless. It's good when you get out there and can do good for the local community. Once this event comes, we will be out there handing out the hoodies and helping the people.”

AFCN promises charities a minimum of 10,000 dollars and a percentage of the proceeds that exceed that amount. Terri's ACFN has met the goal each year, and she hopes to do the same this year. This year's ACFN will take place at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. “It's a ticket master event—all stadium seating. And the ring will be right in the center of the arena. So not a bad seat in the house,” said Moss enthusiastically as she looked forward to this year's event.

My Take:

In my opinion, if you're a boxing fan living in Atlanta or its neighboring cities, attending this event is a no-brainer. Terri Moss is a consummate professional who doesn't skimp on providing fans with a great night of boxing. In addition to helping corporate professionals live out their pugilistic dreams, this year's AFCN will raise money to help combat an ever-growing crisis in America. As of 2021, over 500,000 Americans have suffered homelessness with nearly 10,000 people being affected by homelessness in Atlanta. So, put on your best, buy a ticket, and enjoy an evening of boxing. In doing so, you will be helping Terri and the fighters provide some warm clothes to help the homeless in Atlanta, GA.