UFC Betting Strategies: Tips for Beginners



UFC Betting Strategies: Tips for Beginners

Mixed martial arts has relatively recently become one of the most popular sports – both among fans of fighting disciplines and among betting fans.

Today, MMA cards attract the attention of millions of viewers around the world, and bets on the outcome of fights are offered by all bookmakers. Moreover, live bets are gaining special popularity.

In this article, we will tell novice players how to place bets on the MMA and UFC at bookmakers, and what outcomes occur in the lines. Experienced bettors will benefit from our advice on operator selection and strategies.

Betting Strategies and tips for Beginners

The optimal strategy for betting on the UFC – when it comes to first-time players – is going from easy to hard. Knowing the capabilities of two individual athletes, it is possible with a high degree of probability to predict the result of their face-to-face confrontation. Factors such as:


  • The age of the fighters, their track records.
  • The current place in the ranking of its weight category.
  • The ratio of victories and defeats over the past few years.
  • Basic styles.
  • The percentage of early wins (by knockout, receptions).

Now let's take a look at some simple UFC betting strategies that can be recommended for beginners and advanced players.


This is a basic strategy that bettors with any experience actively use when placing bets on mixed martial arts. The best results are obtained in combination with competent pre-match analysis. With this UFC betting strategy, you are wagering for fixed sums of money – regardless of the odds on the selections.


According to this strategy for betting on the UFC, the player sequentially increases the amount of each subsequent one after passing the previous one. It is recommended to start with an amount not exceeding 5% of the total budget. After the third or fourth win in a row, it is recommended to interrupt the ladder and start a new one – with the same amount, not exceeding 5% of the budget.

Favorite Betting Strategy

Not the best option for novice players, but with deep knowledge of MMA, it can bring tangible profits. The essence of the approach lies in the selection of fights with a clear favorite (the coefficient for a victory is not more than 1.50). Unlike ladder and flat, bets are made on a large percentage of the bank. The key to this UFC betting strategy is to choose the right events for betting.


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