Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte Prediction Panel



Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte Prediction Panel

April 23, 2022, Wembley Stadium, London, England. Ninety-four thousand fans will fill the country’s national stadium, flocking to see Tyson Fury defend his WBC and The Ring Magazine titles and to see Dillian Whyte get his world title shot; finally.

NYFights asked those in the know for their thoughts on the monumental occasion.

Alen Babic, heavyweight contender, managed by Dillian Whyte: “Everybody can see that [upset happening] because if you saw one Dillian fight, you’ll know he can upset anyone.“

Johnny Fisher, heavyweight contender, Tyson Fury’s former sparring partner: “It’s a great fight. I’m a boxing fan first and foremost, I’m a fan of Dillian Whyte, and when I’ve met him, he’s been very respectful. But I think Fury’s the top heavyweight out there at the minute. I think he’d be the favourite going into the fight, but there’s no reason why Dillian Whyte, with that power in that left hook, that he, can’t do damage to Fury. But, if I were to hedge my bets, I’d go with Tyson Fury.”

Ellie Scotney, highly regarded undefeated prospect: “The Gypsy King. You’ve got to feel for Whyte with how long he’s been in that position and obviously what went wrong [in the first Povetkin fight], but it’s a very different level there, I believe.”

Ruben Torres, unbeaten prospect: “Tyson Fury’s a beast! He’s a beast, man there’s no other way to put it. After the Wilder situation and putting that behind him and moving onto the next fight, what says champion more than that?! I got Fury by knockout.”

Eddie Hearn, promoter for Matchroom and Matchroom USA: “It’s a really tough fight. I think Fury’s the favourite in the fight; I think Dillian Whyte can beat him. I think he has great power, I think he has a great engine, he’s unbelievably tough, he’s not going to gas out after three rounds, and the style Fury is fighting. I don’t know whether he’s slowing down or changing his style; I don’t care because I like what I’m seeing. One, he’s more beatable, and two, because he’s much more entertaining. When he beat Klitschko, don’t get me wrong, it was a masterclass; it was so boring. His last fight was a thriller, and even the one before that was a thriller, Wilder 2.”

Richie Woodhall, former WBC super-middleweight world champion: “I think Dillian will give Fury a good fight because Dillian’s a good fighter, he’s tough, he’s strong, but I think it could be a very frustrating night for him, and I think Tyson is very clever at nullifying and negating the opponent’s attacks so I’d have to go for Tyson and I’d probably go for points. I don’t think he’ll stop him; he thinks he will, and he might do, but I think Tyson will bamboozle him all night long. The problem Whyte has got is he has to get to Fury and to close that gap down and work that body; he’s the famous body snatcher, so let’s see what happens.”

Enzo Maccarinelli, former WBO cruiserweight world champion: “I think Tyson Fury [wins], and I’ll say that because although I like Dillian Whyte, I think he’s an exciting fighter, he’s going to come, he’s going to bring it, but his lack of foot speed getting him in range getting him through that jab is going to be his undoing. If he can’t get past that jab, I see it playing out similar to Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora 2.”

Ray Mancini, former WBA lightweight world champion: “Fury right now his confidence levels are off the charts because not only did he beat Deontay Wilder twice but the way he beat him. The facts of what he’s gone through in his life and he’s come back, I admire him very much. I’m happy he’s champion because boxing lacks personalities; he’s not only a big man, but he’s a big personality, that’s what makes him entertaining. I’m a fan. He’s a big strong guy who can move! 6’9, 270-290lbs, and he moves very well. I think he’ll be champion for a very long time.”

Spencer Oliver, former European super bantamweight champion: “I think you’d be mad to go against Fury. He’s the outstanding number one in the division. We’ve seen the brilliant performances he had against Wilder, but don’t write Dillian Whyte off. He’s got that jerky style; he’s very heavy-handed with the left hook and the right hand. It’s all about how Tyson Fury approaches the fight. I expect Fury to win, but I give Dillian a shot, and that ain’t sitting on the fence; by the way, I’m saying Fury wins, but Dillian’s a live wire; he’s a live opponent. It’s a great fight.”

Brad Rea, undefeated prospect: “I’m going Fury, and I think it’ll be quite a convincing and easy win. The only reason I think it wouldn’t be an easy win is if he’s overlooked Whyte a little bit which I think in the past he has done when he’s boxed lesser opposition, but I don’t think he will have done that with Whyte, and I think we’ll see a big win for him.”

A landslide for Tyson Fury, but this is boxing, and nothing is ever straightforward. Could we see another Buster Douglas-type performance?