Training Camp Check-In: Serhii Bohachuk



Training Camp Check-In: Serhii Bohachuk

Ring City is back on NBCSN next week and live from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The main event will feature the hard-hitting Super Welterweight Serhii Bohachuk (18-0) going up against the veteran Brandon Adams (22-3). This fight with Brandon Adams was originally slated for December 3rd but Serhii caught COVID and was forced to postpone the fight.

If you live in the Southern California area, you have probably heard of or seen Serhii Bohachuk as he has been on the 360 Promotions events titled “Hollywood Fight Nights”. These club shows provide a commercial platform which allows fighters the opportunity to get on the radar of the SoCal media.

The “Hollywood Fight Night” shows by 360 Promotions is something Tom Loeffler started a few years ago.

I checked in with Serhii Bohachuk who goes by “El Flaco”, as he prepares to fly to Puerto Rico and use the Ring City platform to burst onto the mainstream boxing scene.

AG: Serhii, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Although many on the west coast know who you are, for those that don’t, can you give the readers a quick bio blast and how life was growing up in the Ukraine?

SB: I was born into a poor family in the Ukraine. When I was younger, things like school were difficult for me. Then I started to think that I needed to get into a sport and the only one available was boxing. The reason being was that it cost very little to box if any money at all. At around thirteen or fourteen years old, I told myself that I wanted to be the best fighter within the Ukraine. I went through the amateurs then eventually turning Pro. Knowing that I support my family, I knew I had to leave the Ukraine to be able to do that.

AG: You’re a Pro and then you start looking for a promoter. How did you link up with Tom Loeffler?

Photo Cred: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

SB: In the beginning of my career, I was working with Abel Sanchez at Big Bear. I ended up hearing about Gennadiy Golvokin and we became friends. We ended up working out together. After a disagreement between Abel and my management, I moved out to L.A and Tom became my official promoter.

AG: How was that transition for you as you went from Abel Sanchez to Manny Robles?

SB: I have nothing but respect for Abel Sanchez as I learned a lot from him. I have also learned some different things from Manny Robles which has made me smarter. I have big respect for both of them and my technique and style was developed from my experiences with them.

Let's see if this team of Serhii and Manny can lead to a world title in the future.

AG: There are boxing fans that will see your nick name and wonder about its origin. How did you get the name “El Flaco” (The Skinny Guy)?

SB: When I first started out with Abel, I was really skinny. I’m 6’1 but was weighing 147 so they gave me the name “El Flaco” in the gym. In my first Pro fight, there was about 70-80 percent of Latin fans in the stands and they thought with that name that I was part Mexican or from a Latin descent. After that, I started gaining fans and still have a big following from the Latin community, so the name is stuck with me.

AG: With a very active 2019 and only fighting once in 2020, what was it like being so inactive?

SB: I was ready to fight in 2020 which was slated to be a big year for me but then COVID hit. In the beginning, I was frustrated but then realized that not only was I suffering but the whole world was too. I concentrated on training and learning some new techniques. I feel as though I didn’t miss out a year but gained a year in perfecting my technique.

AG: You’re finally getting into the ring with Brandon Adams after a little bit of a delay. What are your thoughts on the fight?

Serhii was part of media day in L.A which included the great Fernando Vargas. Photo Cred: Lina Baker/360 Promotions

SB:  I have a lot of respect for Brandon. Brandon is an unusual fighter who brings a different style. It will be a good experience for me, and I have prepared really hard for it. I can’t wait until I can step into the ring with him.

AG: For those that have never seen a fight of yours, what should they expect next week on on NBCSN?

SB: I have a secret that I will reveal during the fight. Again, I respect Brandon Adams so the best fighter will win.

AG: Where can fans follow you on social media?

SB: Fans can follow me on Twitter @sbohachuk and on Instagram @serhii_bohachuk.

My Three Cents:

Serhii Bohachuk is a wrecking ball within the Super Welterweight division. He has what most in New York would call “Skinny Mans Strength”. It reminds me of former Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder. He doesn’t have a ton of upper body but somehow generates a big “pop” when he lands his punches.

This is a really good test for Serhii as he tries to keep his knockout streak alive. Regardless if he does or not, this is the type of fight that will give him the experience he needs to progress in the sport. Will Brandon Adams become Serhii’s nineteenth victory? You will have to tune in, next Thursday night at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST only on NBCSN.

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