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Real Talk On YouTuber Tidal Wave From Tony Luis: It’s Never Enough For You Pigs



I’m not mad at Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul. They’re cashing in on a trend and I can’t hate them for making money. But, I get annoyed when people message me my opinion on this fight, but won’t ask me about Pacquaio-Spence or how I felt about Taylor-Ramirez.

Don’t know those names? Most casuals don’t.

The amount of people who bought this Mayweather exhibition event and bought into the hype tells me just how much the internet has dumbed down this generation. And it won’t make them follow the sport. Only the next circus act.

Takes boxers years of sacrifice (physically, personally, financially) to reach a world-class level.

But society doesn’t reward that today. Be a YouTuber. An “influencer.” Build your “brand” and skip the steps. You’re a winner.

And the dummies who pay for it prove them right 👏 🤷🏻‍♂️.

And to the athletic commissions and sanctioning bodies who have the power to say no but don’t and make phony belts (cause it’s never enough 💰), fuck you guys.

It’s never enough for you pigs.


Tony Luis is a junior welterweight from Canada who holds a 29-4 record. The 33 year old pugilist is 10-1 in his last 11 starts.