The Martial Art That Gamblers Prefer to Bet On



The Martial Art That Gamblers Prefer to Bet On

Martial sports have existed for decades, attracting a massive collection of followers all over the globe. Like other sports such as soccer, these games have also caught the attention of punters, with major bookies featuring them in their list of offers. However, some martial sports such as judo haven’t attracted a lot of gambling mainly because they don’t get a lot of media coverage.

In most bookies, boxing betting is the most popular type of martial sports gambling, with major fights attracting millions of fans globally. To many, boxing betting is a great way to enhance their bankroll and have fun when watching the bouts.

Why Bet on Boxing

While boxing may not have the same glamour and glitz it had in the ‘90s, it’s still immensely popular in the US, Europe, and all over the world. It brings excellent betting opportunities for punters, allowing them to make money by betting on different fights. Today, boxing is the king of PPV (pay-per-view) combat sports, with the most significant promotions having higher buy-rates than any other fighting game.

Despite the growth of MMA over the last few years, boxing is still ahead of the game with a vast viewership worldwide. Boxing also has a large number of events annually compared to other 2, with lots of markets to wager on. Even better, it’s quite easy to be successful with boxing betting using the proper strategy.

Best Boxing Bets

Due to its nature, boxing only has several betting markets compared to mainstream sports like soccer. Here are the most common types of boxing bets that most operators offer:

1. Bout Betting

While the name might sound confusing, this bet involves wagering on the outright winners. You can also bet on a draw, though the outcome is rare in boxing. As such, the draw option normally has very long odds.

2. Round Betting

This type of wager involves predicting who will be the winner and the round which he/she will triumph. It’s a great market to bet when the outright odds on a favorite fighter are too low to be worth a wager.

3. Method of Victory

A broad market and one of the best for both rookie and adept bettors, this betting market involves betting on how the match will be decided. For that, there’s a range of options, including technical knockout, straight knockout, disqualification, and decision.

4. Over/Under rounds

With this bet, you will be predicting whether the fight will last beyond a predetermined number of rounds, or it will end before these rounds. For instance, if you bet on over 7.5 rounds, you will lose if the match ends in the seventh round, but win if it ends in the 8th or 9th round.

Analyzing The Fighters

Like betting on any sport, the success of boxing wagering highly depends on the amount of information you have on the contestants and the game. You might never get a sure bet, but carefully researching the fighters beforehand will reduce your chances of losing and help you succeed in the long-term.

For a start, consider how a boxer has done in previous matches at his current level and their reaction to high-pressure fights. If you’re wagering on a prize fight and your candidate seems always to fare well when put in the spotlight, you can wager with more confidence. You also need to consider a fighter’s current form by looking at what’s going on in his professional life.