Tevin Farmer: The JoJo Diaz Rematch Being Expired is BS!



Tevin Farmer: The JoJo Diaz Rematch Being Expired is BS!

The sport of boxing has and will always be, “what have you done for me lately.” Some fighters will rise to the top and win world titles while others fall short and become career journeymen.

Up to January 2020, former Super Featherweight Champion Tevin Farmer (30-5-1) was in the conversation of all of the major fights within that division. Tevin lost to Joseph Diaz (31-1) and for awhile, you didn’t hear his name at all.

Some wondered if fighter Tevin Farmer was going to fight again because of a medical condition that was playing out in front of our very own eyes. Others were sure he was going to return and avenge his loss with an immediate rematch.

Fighter Tevin Farmer in the gym getting ready for his next fight date.

Fighter Tevin Farmer in the gym getting ready for his next fight date.

Time went by and so did boxing which led to Diaz going in another direction for his first title defense. His opponent came down with COVID so here comes Tevin Farmer looking to jump at an opportunity to regain his position within boxing.

I checked in with fighter Tevin Farmer to see how things have been going for him this past year, his fight plans for 2021 and the current status of his rematch with Diaz.

AG: Tevin, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. It’s been almost a year since that night in Miami with Joseph Diaz. Aside from the loss, the story was your physical condition as there were some things playing out on tv during the fight. What have you been up to and how are you physically?

TF: I’m good! Just been spending time on outside businesses, staying in the gym and living my life. In the past few years, I fought a lot and really didn’t have time to focus on myself. I also took the time to learn some photography for fun. I did get into gaming too so just finding new things to do. As far as my health, I’m feeling very good!

AG: A few months passed, COVID hit and once boxing resumed, there were talks of a rematch. Those talks quickly went to a whisper and then there was a report that the rematch clause expired. What is your understanding of what occurred?

TF: The rematch didn’t expire. The rematch needed to take place within five months, but it couldn’t happen because of COVID. There was no way the rematch could expire if there were no fights. What I can say is that I was F’d over. I don’t know by who or how but all I know is that I was F’d over. Someone didn’t fulfill their obligation and do what they are supposed to do. Me and my team have been pushing for the rematch for a very long time. The rematch being expired is BS.

AG: Recently, Diaz’ opponent was hit with COVID and you went on social media advocating for the fight on short notice. Your promoter Lou Dibella also chimed in, supporting what you were saying. Is there any update to that?

The twitter remarks between both camps were getting heated a few days ago.

TF: No really updates on it as they are talking about it. I’m still waiting for someone to get back to us on it. They have a few days to come up with a decision because after that, I won’t take the fight. It has to be within the next day or two. They aren’t going to make me wait another week to take the fight on an even shorter notice. They can kiss my ass.

AG: If the Diaz fight does not happen, what is the plan for you and which network do you see yourself fighting next on?

TF: I don’t have any more fights on DAZN. What I can say is that my next fight (if the Diaz one doesn’t happen) will be for a title eliminator. Either way, I will be back in the mix. I’m not going to cry over spilled milk. A lot of stuff has happened in my life that didn’t go my way, but I always found a way to make it go my way. Real soon, I will be back on top!

AG: Not looking too far down the road, there are some potential opponents that would make for some interesting matchups. A fight with Gervonta Davis would still have a ton of interest by the people especially in the DMV area. Gary Russell Jr is another name that would be a big draw. What are your thoughts on both of those fights? Are those fights something you would be interested in this year?

TF: I really don’t know. With my experience in boxing, the fights you really want to see aren’t the ones that are made. I’ve been calling these dudes out for years! I don’t even entertain it anymore. There are a bunch of fighters that just don’t want to take any risks. If those fights present themselves, I absolutely would be interested. There isn’t anyone that I won’t fight. I’m not ducking anyone, but it also has to make sense. I’m not going to get in the ring with someone if it doesn’t make sense.

Can Tevin Farmer once agin join the conversation at Super Featherweight?

AG: Outside of boxing, what do you have going on that you would like to let the fans and boxing world know about?

TF: Aside from Real Estate, I’ve been gaming a lot more, Playing Call of Duty and started a Twitch account. I’ve got three computers, just ordered another one, a camera and microphone. I definitely want everyone to follow me on Twitch (TevinFarmer22). I’m also relaunching my Youtube Channel with my lady called “Life as Tevin and Poka”. I think it will be great for the fans to get to see how I’m living and the things we do on a day to day in order to motivate people.

The gaming started when someone asked me to play “Call of Duty”. I hadn’t played video games since I was a kid but one day, I got it and started to play it. I didn’t like it at first because I wasn’t good at it. Then I played with my nephews and they were better than me. I kept playing every day until I started to get better. Then I decided to start the Twitch because it was fun, and it can involve the supporters and fans.

AG: Where can fans follow you on social media and is their merchandise coming soon?

TF: You can follow me on Twitter @tevinfarmer22 and on Instagram @tevinfarmer22. I am relaunching my brand “Never Too Late”. Right now, we are looking at different materials, fabrics and how we want the clothes to look.

I reached out to Farmer’s promoter Lou Dibella and he had this to say about the JoJo Diaz situation: We informed GBP that Tevin was ready, willing, and able to fight on their Diaz date. JoJo had an opportunity to honor a moral commitment. His people never responded to emails or returned a call. We are considering our options and expect Tevin to return by April.”

My Three Cents:

Fighter Tevin Farmer has had an interesting run in boxing. He took the year off like most, to reevaluate his situation and see what he wants to do in life. Let’s not forget that he was a world champion who defended his title four times successfully prior to his last fight. At thirty years of age, Tevin Farmer knows that the time is now to get those marquee matchups put together so it will be interesting to see how he performs on his first fight in over a year.

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