TEDDY ATLAS: “How Bout We All Start Behaving Like Champions”



TEDDY ATLAS: “How Bout We All Start Behaving Like Champions”




Of all the bad four letter words, hate might be the worst.  And it might destroy this country.  Although it would seem to come with its own warning label, I know some people still cozy up to it.  They flirt with it.  Even find it empowering.  In my business, the boxing game, it cannot strengthen someone.  But it can expedite their demise.  Simply put; you get angry or hateful in the ring, you get destroyed.  There must be intelligence melded with prudence even compromise at times, to survive and triumph during combat in that chamber of truth.  Yes truth. Truth of the fears we have and face.  Fear of the way we have lived our lives.  Consequences of immorality, doubts about trust.  Fear brings questions.  Can we trust ourselves in such conditions? Will we make the right choice when the moment comes to choose?  To choose between being less or becoming more. Maybe the only time in our lives when right or wrong is so simple and clear.  Yet so hard or even too easy to do.  Amongst all the skills a fighter must possess to be successful, perhaps the most important is the ability to recognize his opponent. Know what he is.  

We as the people of this great country are in a fight.  Yet the opponent has not been truly identified.  It has been put forward as being each other, but it is not.  It doesn't have shape or form.  You cannot see it.  You can only feel it.  It is a foe that can't be fought, not in a winning way.  It can only be purged, removed then eliminated.  Only then when there is no HATE, can a fair fight be held.  A winnable fight.  An argument of two sides, where things can be figured out. Where at the end of the day, there is no thought or even memory of what color or religion we were, but only a mutual feeling of respect for having faced off as men in the ring of life.  A testing, a challenge of our own humanity.  A reminder of the guide lines within our souls. The reassurance that we have good souls and the strength to keep them.

There is purity, sanctity to a good fight.  A true purpose.  During the bout there is always an audience.  And some in the crowd have true admiration for the ‘character’ shown during the battle.  Yet others have only care for the wager they made.  And so they hope and cheer and perhaps even suggest that one will give up, and betray their future so they can prosper from it.  

I believe boxing is the greatest sport in the world, and a true metaphor for life.  And I believe since the day we are all born we are fighting for something. I think fighting instill lessons.  Builds confidence.  Pride. Respect for life. Admiration for people and qualities they possess.  And I have lived a life that has born witness that after a fight or argument of ideas and beliefs we are better and more understanding and even respectful of each other.  Because during those moments we both faced, and saw one another’s frailties, short comings and fears and at once realized we were the same.  But as I said earlier, there is one thing that does not respect and does not make us better and disallows an honest argument, HATE. It must be disqualified from our lives. And we must ALL make a stand and a choice to behave like an honest fighter. Like the people who fought so we could have this country.

How about we all start behaving like champions.