Taylor vs Catterall Purse: Rivals Meet Again in Lucrative Showdown



Taylor vs Catterall Purse: Rivals Meet Again in Lucrative Showdown

After a disputed decision in their last bout, Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall want to settle the score once and for all on May 25, 2024. Many boxing enthusiasts are eager to see who will emerge victorious in the upcoming fight in Leeds, England, and to find out who stands to gain the most. Our research into the Taylor vs Catterall purse has all the answers!

Taylor vs Catterall Purse: Who’s Cashing In More?

Since no major titles are at stake, the Taylor vs Catterall payouts have dropped compared to their last meeting. The Brits won’t be making millions out of this fight, but they are ready to compensate with their fists and punches. 

Reports have it that Taylor will get $800,000, while Catterall will receive $350,000. However, the Taylor vs Catterall prize money may rise to more $1.5 million once advertisements and pay per view revenue is included.

Josh Taylor, the former undisputed lightweight champion, expressed dissatisfaction and demanded payment for this rematch based on his market value.

Since February 2022, Scotsman has lost three titles outside the ring, along with the upsetting defeat against Lopez, which stripped Taylor of his last held title as well, so he now wants to get back on track by winning this battle.

Both fighters are anxious to face each other after a long wait of two years since they last fought against each other. With questions surrounding the results of their last fight, all eyes will be on the first district arena this weekend.

Boxing Fighter Pay – Taylor & Catterall Earnings Breakdown

Given that both domestic boxers will be competing without major championships, the present value of Taylor vs Catterall payouts is obvious.

The 30-year-old Catterall received an estimated $500,000 in his last bout against Josh Taylor. The Englishman gained two consecutive victories after the February 2022 fight, having lost only to Taylor in his career.

Catterall, with an estimated net worth of $7 million, although currently not possessing an international title, holds a stellar record with 28 victories and domestic titles.

Taylor, a 33-year-old Scot holding net worth of $4 million has been dealing with complications due to the injuries sustained to him. However, the worst time in his boxing career was in June last year, when he had a disappointing loss against Teofimo Lopez. In his match against Lopez, the Scotsman received an estimated pay of just over $1 million.

Regardless, boxing fans view Taylor vs Catterall as one of the most intense and fierce rivalries. The match delays and boxing fans' anticipation have made this fight more interesting, with the domestic rivals ready to put on a good show this Saturday evening for their fans.

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