Sunny Edwards vs Charlie Edwards, We Ready To Let ‘Em Rumble?



Sunny Edwards vs Charlie Edwards, We Ready To Let ‘Em Rumble?

Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing welcomed three new signings in the past week. One of those signings is the current IBF Flyweight champion of the world, Sunny Edwards.

One “congratulations message” came from his big bro Charlie Edwards. “Edwards versus Edwards, let's go,” said Charlie in an IG video, indicating that Eddie Hearn can contact him to get an all Edwards rumble.

The Edwards brother aren’t the first set of boxing brothers but it got me thinking, who would’ve won, and got bragging rights, in other sibling rivalries, if they actually squared off.

Charlie Edwards congratulates and calls out his brother Sunny Edwards

Charlie spoke tongue in cheek (we think) when asking Eddie to get an Edwards v Edwards fight made

Klitschko v Klitschko, Which Bro Would've Prevailed?

The first thought before Sunny Edwards v Charlie, when it comes to boxing brothers, is that of the Ukrainian colossi Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko.

You could look at the Chris Byrd results between the pair on paper and claim Wladimir was the better boxer as he defeated Byrd just six months after the American beat Vitali inside the distance. Alternatively you could say Wladimir lost more fights, albeit competed in more, than Vitali therefore he is not the superior fighting brother.

With Vitali victorious via stoppage on 41 occasions out of 45 wins and Wladimir suffering four out of five losses by knockout I believe Vitali would be having his arm raised with Wladimir ending the fight seated seated on the canvas.

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko

As far as “Brother Bouts” go, this one looms large as most intriguing

It’s easy to forget Marvellous Marvin Hagler had a half brother, Robbie Sims as the elder of the two found himself legendary status after his wars amongst ‘The Four Kings’.

Half brother had genes and skills, Robbie had wins over Iran Barkley, Doug DeWitt and, like Hagler, Roberto Duran. However, as Sims lost more than he won at the top level, and the fact Hagler is one of if not the best middleweight ever, this is a pretty forgone conclusion. Marvin Hagler would've defeated Robbie Sims, probably by KO, Marvin's killer instinct would've override any sympathy.

Michael Vs Leon: Which Spinks Gets The Nod?

Leon and Michael Spinks would have to face off at heavyweight, not the flyweight range where Sunny Edwards competes. The pair shared Olympic glory in 1976 as they both returned from Montreal with a gold medal each donning their chests. The pair would also go on to become world heavyweight champions too, not many siblings can boast these achievements.

It was Leon who started off in quick fashion defeating the great, Muhammad Ali in only his eighth professional fight. Michael started his career later on as after the Olympic Games he cared for their mother and helped Leon prepare for Ali.

Michael went on to become one of the greatest light heavyweights in history before moving to heavyweight, defeating Larry Holmes to claim the heavyweight title. Leon however had a fall from grace. He couldn’t replicate the heyday of beating Ali and went on to become a gatekeeper for the upcoming stars of the, then newly found, cruiserweight division before making money in the wrestling world.

Michael, we believe, would’ve been too much for Leon to handle.

Michael had a ring generalship edge over Leon

Finally, until we get Sunny Edwards versus Charlie Edwards, let's mull a matchup between quite possibly the most successful siblings in the sport, Juan Manuel Márquez and Rafael Márquez. Under the tutelage of Hall of Fame trainer, Nacho Beristain the two went on to have legendary careers, legendary wars and legendary rivalries.

Juan Manuel is the better known of the two, mainly for his many, many rounds with Manny Pacquiao, leading many to rate him as the greatest Mexican fighter ever. Rafael himself stakes a strong claim as one of his countries finest punchers after his trilogy against Israel Vasquez resulted in three of the most entertaining, edge of your seat, nail biting fights of this century.

Whilst the pair would’ve had to have fought at a catch weight this would’ve truly been a real 50/50 battle. Who would’ve won, who knows.