STUCK AT THE NEGOTIATION STATION; GGG, Jacobs Reps Agree To Scratch Dec. Date



STUCK AT THE NEGOTIATION STATION; GGG, Jacobs Reps Agree To Scratch Dec. Date
GGG potential foes admit their approval of his skills when they ask for hefty purses, to absorb the risk of absorbing a wicked beating.

You were hoping for a slam bang finish to this year in boxing, blessed be your optimistic core.

GGG vs Danny Jacobs in NY would have stuffed the stocking of hope and complemented Anthony Joshua versus Wladimir Klitschko, a tango which could help uplift a ‘meh' year in pugilism.

You best hope Team AJ and Team Wlad get on the same page, soon, because the GGG-Jacobs negotiations are elongating, and a Dec. 10 tussle date has been crossed off.

GGG rep Tom Loeffler, the dealmaker working with Al Haymon, on the Jacobs side, said today you will need to wait till the new year to get your GGG fix. “GGG is going directly to his WBA mandatory obligation with Jacobs and will not fight in 2016,” Loeffler told NYF.

Such a shame. We've not been naughty, wouldn't it be nice to get this fight made and slapped on the calendar. Fans are wishing for less negotiating, and more fist throwing. Can we get fewer complications, and more fisticuffs? “I wish it were less complicated as well, especially for someone like GGG who is the most active champion in boxing over the last four years,” Loeffler said.


Hey, any good news to report? Has money…or site…or TV platform been agreed to? “Doesn't make sense to comment on the negotiations except to say that we would like to finalize it as quickly as possible so we can proceed on planning the promotion,” Loeffler said, with superior deflectivity.

Fair enough; he isn't the sort–cough Arum cough– to try to put out a fire with a bucket of kerosene. He doesn't air frustrations he might feel in the media, and intensify insertions of pride and ego more into the mix. To his credit…

I continue to lobby Boxing Santa…



…and the reps for all these guys to get into yes mode. The fans deserve the best fighting the best. Most have not been naughty and deserve nice treatment.

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