Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev v Andre “SOG” Ward: DIVIDED NATION



Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev v Andre “SOG” Ward: DIVIDED NATION

(LAS VEGAS) If we stand in mind states of divide, then that means we can fall because we've agreed to not be united.

“Fight Week” is almost over, as former supernatural super-middleweight Andre Ward faces a dragon in WBA/WBO/IBF light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and he'll need more than a pitchfork to prevail.

When both fighters arrived in the lobby at MGM Grand on Tuesday, there was a crowd of modest exhilaration and excitement; but by Friday afternoon's weigh-in, it had turned into vocally distinct fan factions of loud political and social arch-nemesis.

Stunning Corona eye candy models Samantha Kumiko and Jessica Harbour decorated the stage with looks of extreme hospitality, balancing “Beware of Dog” in the eyes of Kovalev and Ward (who both came in at 175). If there is a such thing as beautiful violence between nations, that realization will occur inside T-Mobile Arena tonight.


“He [Floyd] may be right. This may be some sort of set-up to get beat. Doesn't mean it's gonna work though… And you have to ask, what's the motive? We know a lot of the same people.”

Andre Ward, in response to Mayweather's public doubt against Sergey Kovalev via FightHype, preferring he faced Gennady Golovkin.


“I don't like him, and he don't like me,” sneered Ward, in a statement aimed at Kovalev post weigh-in. But honestly, that could very well apply to Mayweather. Since having a rooting interest for longtime friend Robert Guerrero (prior to his being “Pretty Boy” Floyded in May 2013), Ward has been on Floyd's shitlist. Apparently, you make it there when you didn't get snubbed and won 2004 Olympic Gold (Floyd collected Bronze in 1996), you're black, and happen to strive to be the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet despite lacking “Money”.

Floyd's icy response prompted an angry Ward to challenge Mayweather at 160lbs– something he would've never done for GGG. Still, he finds himself fighting a very republican spectre of Mayweather and Kovalev. For those who voted Hillary Clinton probably favor Ward, while folks who voted Trump most likely lean to the villainous Kovalev. Of a secret kept between three men, Ward knows if you kill the other two it stays that way.

The mighty Russian has vowed to go USSR hammer & sickle on Ward, knowing a massive MMA audience around the world is at stake.

“If Andre Ward wins this fight boxing fans around the world lose,” griped Kovalev. “I will try to kick his boring ass because he's in the way of my dreams.”


Only the future can best understand the present, so I turned to my recent past and recalled asking Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson, the world's best amateur boxer, his opinion on this superfight. “I think Andre Ward has a different mentality for this fight, plus Kovalev has been running his mouth,” said the wise and ultra-tough 16 year-old Baltimore native.

“He'll fight with imagination and more desire. I think he stops Kovalev in 9 or 10 rounds.”

Boxing has long been referred to as the “Sweet Science”, but few understand the quantum physics of the squared circle like Ward. At its best, it is a sport of dimension and calibrated distance; of levels and degrees of skill in a physical game of chess. Kovalev is tyrannical checkers.

We don't know if Andre Ward is the “Son of God” at light heavyweight, or if he can part a Red Sea of doubt under the guiding spirit of an Irish father not forgotten. But for the chance to write his name beside the very best in history, I believe he will.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser, and on this divided canvas, Ward won't wait to color it perfectly. He'll take the moment and make it perfect. Eclipsing de facto king Roman Gonzalez to become the consensus best in the “Game of Throws”, Andre Ward will capture glory and defeat a very dangerous Sergey Kovalev by 12-round UD.

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