Ryan Garcia, Are You OK?



Ryan Garcia, Are You OK?

Ryan Garcia, are you ok?

If you are reading this, bro, my DM channel is open!

Let me know, Ryan Garcia, with an emoji wink if all this is a gag.  A sequence of storylines, content created to gain max buzz and grow the interest level for the April 20th clash with 140 champ Devin Haney at Barclays Center?

If I had to guess, and I do, because I haven’t worked the phones to ask around Re: Is Ryan OK… Ryan is leaning in, shall we say, to some of his darker side stuff very deliberately.

I’m operating with this frame in mind:

Ryan wasn’t sure who to fight next, Rolly or Haney or Teofimo, and he looked around for inspiration and direction.

Ryan Garcia Seeking Identity After Losing To Tank

Ryan Garcia found it, in Floyd Mayweather, an expert in between-fight-pot-stirring. They were “dating,” hung out a bit. And I do believe we are seeing the result of that brief bromance.

So, I think this is soap operatics…

Ryan Garcia

And so is this…

But this….

Is this evidence of a meltdown in action? Or buzz conjuring a la Floyd and WWE and TMZ style?

Ryan is doing Floyd stuff Ryan-style.

It’s succeeding, as evidenced by traffic reports…

Eyeballs are on Ryan Garcia every day!

People are talking… and that spurs interest and spending follows, right?

And if it’s reality playing out, then yes, here’s hoping Ryan gets his brain settled right.

Ryan is putting out some sensational allegations

It’s a hard and strange age to be a celebrity.

Missteps are magnified more and bad news is spread quicker than is acceptable to a frayed nervous system.

Bad news is also an attention driver, if it bleeds it leads doesn’t refer to just physical wounds, psychic wounds are even more potent when shared.

Ryan Garcia has made no secret of mental health issues/struggles, that is real.

All this? It’s a mix. I think.

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