Rozenstruik vs Gaziev Payouts: This Is What the UFC Pays for KO’s



Rozenstruik vs Gaziev Payouts: This Is What the UFC Pays for KO’s

Although it's quite a quiet weekend in the MMA world to start March, there are some Rozenstruik vs Gaziev payouts that need to be dispersed by the UFC and discussed by us.

With two heavy-handed heavyweights looking to punch themselves into UFC title contention, a lot is on the line in terms of Rozenstruik vs Gaziev prize money. Yet, while their UFC fighter pay is assured, there's no question that both fighters are hoping to produce a spectacular knockout on Saturday — and earn themselves a nice UFC bonus in the process.

We will be looking at all of the payouts for this Rozenstruk vs Gaziev bout, and analyze how much each main event fighter can expect to make by the time this weekend has come to a close.

UFC Fighter Pay: What Will Rozenstruik vs Gaziev Be Paid at UFC Fight Night 238?

Jairzinho Rozenstruik Payout

When it comes to knockout power, there are few MMA fighters in the world who can match up to Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Yet, knockout power doesn't always amount to impressive pay — especially since “Bigi Boy” has struggled to produce consistent success across his UFC career.

There isn't too much information about Rozenstruik's prize money out there, as it pertains to his most recent UFC fights.

However, there is some belief that, for his fight against Ciryl Gane way back in 2021, Rozenstruik earned $90,000 in UFC fighter pay.

While there's no way of knowing, it seems like an accurate estimate; given that Rozenstruik was still considered an up and coming heavyweight with a high ceiling at that point, who was just starting to fight in UFC main events.

Given that Rozenstruik has fought in five UFC fights since then — with three of them being main events — his Rozenstruik vs Gaziev prize money should be much higher than that amount.

What exactly that amount is is anybody's guess. But our estimate would be that Jairzinho Rozenstruik is getting paid $200,000 for his main event fight against Shamil Gaziev at UFC Fight Night 238 this weekend.

Although that amount is merely an estimate, we can be certain that, if Rozenstruik can put his hands (and maybe also kicks) to work this weekend, he can be expecting a $50,000 UFC performance bonus by the time Sunday rolls around.

Shamil Gaziev Payout

While Shamil Gaziev has only had one fight in the UFC so far, the executives seem to believe that he might be the next big thing at heavyweight — which, is his undefeated record is any indication, appears to be accurate.

Although it might be true that Gaziev is destined to contend for a UFC belt in the future, he isn't there quite yet — which means his UFC fighter pay isn't on that level yet, either.

There really aren't any estimations for the UFC prize money that Gaziev received during his second round victory over Martin Buday during UFC 296 back in December 2023. That being said, we do know that Gaziev earned a $50,000 performance bonus in addition to his show and win bonus.

Given that we know that UFC fighters generally make no more than $20,000 for their first fight in the world's best MMA promotion, let's just say that Gaziev earned a total of $40,000 for showing up and winning the fight — making for $90,000 in prize money for that successful debut.

But the undefeated Bahranian surely received a new contract prior to this Rozenstruik vs Gaziev prize money fight, since he is not a main event fighter.

For that reason, we have reason to believe that Shamil Gaziev is making $100,000 in guaranteed UFC prize money for this upcoming fight against Jairzinho Rozenstruik. 

While this is merely an estimate, we feel confident that Gaziev will be making this much on Saturday — and perhaps will end up receiving $50,000 more, if he can earn an impressive knockout.

UFC Payouts: What Others on the Card Can Expect

While this UFC Fight Night 238 doesn't have many big names or supremely intriguing bouts, there are some known warriors that are worth discussing the UFC fighter pay for.

One such name is Umar Nurmagomedov, who is the cousin of the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov and an undefeated bantamweight fighter who is quickly ascending the UFC's 135 pound rankings.

Given that Nurmagomedov earned $50,000 for his KO victory over Raoni Barcelos back in January 2023, we can expect Umar Nurmagomedov to earn somewhere north of $75,000 for his fight this weekend.

Another well-known fighter on this UFC card is flyweight Alex Perez. Considering that Perez has fought for a championship belt in the past, it's safe to assume that he is earning at least $80,000 for this weekend's fight.

Although this upcoming UFC card doesn't provide too much in terms of name value, that doesn't mean the fights themselves won't deliver.

And no matter what, there will be some UFC fighters earning performance bonuses this weekend.

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